Axiom Audio Audiobyte Speaker Rig Delivers Audiophile Computer Sound

audiobyte speaker

What makes the Audiobyte rig so different from similar products from vendors such as Bose, Logitech, Creative Labs, and other companies who’ve built such gear for years now? Two words: quality and control. Axiom is unique in that it builds all of its own components, as well as packaging and testing them for sales. Axiom’s products are legendary among audiophiles for their sound reproduction capabilities, where the company actually manufactures the speaker drivers and crossover components, as well as doing all the cabinetwork, assembly, and testing. The quality of these components is second to none, and their end-to-end control over manufacturing lets them set and meet exacting quality requirements.

I’ve listened to hundreds of PC speaker rigs, but I’ve never heard any others that can compare to these, except when I’ve taken the time to connect my test computer to a full-fledged audiophile set-up (though a processor, with high-quality amplifiers and top-notch loudspeakers to deliver the sonic goods). Axiom’s devotion to quality and attention to detail shows through in everything from its use of aluminum-coned drivers and titanium-domed tweeters, to the high-quality cabinetwork, wood, and finishes available for these rigs.

Of course, this kind of quality doesn’t come cheap. A rig with speakers with a synthetic finish (available in black, charcoal, and faux walnut burl in walnut or cherry colors) costs $349; a rig made of genuine walnut burl (available in walnut or cherry stain) costs $599. Custom finishes are available by request, and take about 6-8 weeks to deliver. All such rigs also include the 110 W amplifier that drives the two speakers and provides the master volume control. A separate, self-powered subwoofer unit is also available in basic black for $179. For computer users serious about great sound, the Axiom Audiobyte is definitely worth a second look (and listen). For more information about the Audiobyte rig, pleased consult the Axiom product page.