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Angry Birds Coming to Playstation Store

In the past few months, the app store's best selling game, Angry Birds, has been getting plenty of attention and is considered by many one of the greatest apps of all time. Originating on the iPhone, Angry Birds has expanded to Android devices and has been reported to take the plunge into console devices.

Angry Birds fans with PSPs and PS3s will no longer have to wait as Rovio's hit game will be arriving on the PlayStation Store this week. Although you won't be able to slide your finger across your 42 inch TV to launch your favorite pig-slaying birds, playing angry birds on an HD console will be pretty sweet. 

Unfortunately for die-hard fans who have completed the iPhone's daunting 210 levels, the PlayStation store's version will only have 63 levels. Rovio hasn't officially announced the price or details about possible updates or add-on level packs just yet but we can expect to see more information soon.

With its quick release onto the PlayStation network, we can expect to see Angry Birds appearing on Xbox Live, Facebook, and even Windows Phone 7 in the near future.