World's Most Expensive Mouse Costs $26,730

Looking to dump more money into a USB-based mouse for your PC than a into brand new car? Look no further than the world's most expensive computer mouse called the World's Most Expensive Computer Mouse. Yep, that it's real name, and it may be able to hold onto the title until some other developer comes along and ups the ante in the next few weeks.

For $26,730 USD, one would expect for the developer to at least throw in a wireless connection. But no, the focus was in using 18 karat white gold and covering the device with 59 diamonds. There really isn't anything technologically spiffy about the device, offering end-users the standard three-button wheel mouse setup and a 800dpi optical resolution.

"A perfect gift for a 60th wedding anniversary, as diamond is the traditional gift for this event," said Swiss manufacturer Pat Says Now. "It is also a great choice for a 50th wedding anniversary, as Gold is the traditional gift for this event!''

Big spenders can personalize the mouse to their liking by using diamond initials or any type of pattern. Each mouse is made to order, with yellow, red, or white gold with white or black trim as selectable options... but no wireless connection. Doh.

Interested parties can purchase the mouse here.

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