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Hybrid Watch Combines the Best of Analog and Digital

If you're a fan of futuristic technology but can't seem to leave your analog watch behind for a digital one, the Tokyoflash Hybrid may be exactly what you've been waiting for. Sure there are plenty of watches that already combine digital and analog displays, but those are mostly just analog faces with a small digital lcd screen inside. Designed by Peter Fletcher, the Tokyoflash Hybrid truly combines both analog and digital displays.

The Hybrid watch features a face with a single arrow that moves clockwise like the hands on an analog watch face. The arrow features 12 backlit LCD bars that light up to represent the hour of the day, while the position of the arrow represents the minutes. The outer-ring features 60 backlit LCD bars that represent the seconds. It may be a little confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, the Hybrid is easy to read.

As with all of Tokyoflash's concepts, you have a chance to turn this watch into a reality by voting on the Tokyoflash Design Blog. Head on over to the blog for more renders and to cast your vote for the device.