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TV Group Urges Bush, Cheney To Talk About Digital Switch

Washington (DC) - The National Association of Broadcasters, which has voice numerous concerns about people not being informed of next year’s digital TV switch, is now calling on George W. Bush to help inform citizens.

The organization’s CEO David Rehr has sent a letter to the White House, highlighting the fact that the digital TV switch is less than 300 days away.

On February 17, 2009, the government will pull the plug on all analog TV signals. This means anyone with an old TV and is still relying on antenna reception will be unable to watch anything.

Anyone with cable or satellite is already covered for the switch, but all others need a digital converter box. Consumers can apply for a coupon from the government that is good for $40 off a converter, which cost between $50 and $70.

Rehr said that millions of Americans will be affected and are still not aware of the looming change. "We are respectfully requesting your assistance in informing American households about the transition," he wrote in his letter to the president.

One suggestion Rehr reportedly made was that Bush and/or Vice President Dick Cheney appear in a TV ad informing citizens about what will happen next February.

"The DTV transition will fundamentally change the way the American people get news about their communities, emergency situations and entertainment. We want to enlist the help of the federal government and the Administration to ensure that happens as seamlessly as possible," said Rehr in the letter.

According to a report from the FCC, over one million digital TV converter coupons have already been redeemed, but several million more will need a converter because they are still using analog TVs with no digital service.