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RIM Enters Gaming Biz With Cross-Platform Engine

Now here's something we haven't really seen from Google and Apple: their own cross-platform gaming engine. BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) has done just that with the launch of GamePlay, an open-source 3D engine aimed at indie developers. It supports iOS 5.1, Android 2.3+, Windows 7, Mac OS X, and RIM's own BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook 2.0 platforms.

According to the engine specs, GamePlay is written entirely in C++ and documented using doxygen. The framework also includes cross-platform new game project wizard scripts, a game developer guide, samples and tutorials, and a binary encoding tool for creating optimized bundles for loading TTF fonts and 3D game assets supporting both COLLADA and FBX formats.

The engine's feature list also includes an OpenGL 3.2+ (desktop) and OpenGL ES 2.0 (mobile) rendering system, a shader-based material system with built-in common shader library, and a node-based scene graph system with support for lights, cameras, models, particle emitters, and physics collision objects. There's even a physics system using Bullet physics.

RIM's team lead of gaming research & development Sean Paul Taylor actually announced v1.4 on August 2 -- v1.2 was released back in April. This latest updated version adds a number of new features including optimizations in animations and physics, FBX 2013 format support, optimizations and improvements to the UI system such as inertial scrolling and scrollbars, virtual gamepad input support with custom theming using UI system, and more.

"The GamePlay project is a contribution that is directly targeting the indie game developer ecosystem," Taylor said months ago. "We realize developers want to easily target as many platforms as they can to monetize and we want to help you do this… If you are familiar with other popular open-source 2D game engines like cocos2d-x and now want a high-quality 3D solution, then gameplay might be exactly what you are looking for."

"My vision and goal with GamePlay is to contribute and share outwardly our expert knowledge of advanced graphics and game technologies," he added.

For more information about RIM's open-source game engine, head here.


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