LG to Unveil Slimmest OLED TV Ever, at IFA

LG will reportedly showcase a prototype OLED TV at IFA 2010 in Berlin next week that will surely turn heads.

Slated to be the "world's thinnest," the new LG display will measure a mere 0.29-cm in thickness while sporting an impressive 31-inch screen. The panel will also support both 2D and 3D modes, and feature a refresh rate of 600 Hz.

Joining the LG OLED panel are three other 3D-capable displays: the 0.88-cm LG LEX8, the LEX9, and the PX950N 3D TVs. These are also slated for a reveal at IFA 2010 starting Friday, September 3.

Although the technology is impressive, it will be interesting to see the 0.29-cm display's eventual pricetag. As CNET points out, LG's EL9500 15-inch OLED TV already retails for $2,500 USD here in the States--a 50-inch Panasonic 3D plasma TV retails for around the same price.

Based on those numbers, the 0.29-cm display could retail for $5,000 USD if not more.

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  • akarra
    Now if only I could get my wife to be thin....
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  • screechy
    Guess I'll sell my soul to lg so I can afford this. I just hope it's enough. All kidding aside I'm glad to finaly see this technology come to bigger screens.
  • akarra
    Now if only I could get my wife to be thin....
  • N.Broekhuijsen
    600 HZ????? that is just lunatic!!!

    It must be a typo, can't be anything else..