Fix Arrives for Banned Xbox 360 Consoles

Modders recently discovered that their customized Xbox 360 consoles were banned from Microsoft's Xbox Live service. The latest sweep took out around 600,000 to one million consoles, hunting down modified firmware and locking the units off the network Microsoft said that in order to get back online, modders would need a new Xbox 360 console.

However, website 360Mods says different, providing a fix to get those custom consoles back on Live. The new workaround, iXtreme LT (Light Touch), tries to make the altered firmware appear as the original, Microsoft-certified version while keeping the modded information. The fix may even allow gamers to play backup disks under Microsoft's nose.

Unfortunately, the workaround isnt simple. Xbox-Scene reports that the fix is somewhat complex and requires the user to have access to the CPU key of a second, un-modded Xbox 360 console. Still, the update relies on free tools provided online, however modders should be aware that both the modded console and the un-modded console cannot access Live at the same time (as both use the same CPU key).

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