Doctor Octopus' Robot Arms Now A Reality

If Stan Lee were to set his eyes on Festo's latest robotic creation, he would undoubtedly feel flattered knowing the device was one step closer to creating an honest Dr. Octopus. On the other hand, the Bionic Handling Assistant was crafted after elephant trunks.

As seen in the video below, the Doctor Octopus tentacles were designed to crush Spider-Man in one grip. Wait.. no, they're only meant to delicately handle fruit and other objects (brains) that can be easily damaged by other robotic means. "A significant advantage over heavy industrial robots is the fact that direct contact between humans and machines is now no longer hazardous," Festo claims.

Apparently Festo hopes to see these "Assistants" take over the automotive market, kicking out the clunky, decrepit 1st generation of robotic arms. To see the Bionic Handling Assistant, check out the video below. Viewer beware: we're not responsible for the nightmares endured thereafter.

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