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The Watch Inspired by the Norse Doomsday

Viking legends tell of Jormungand, a giant snake that's so long it can encircle the world and stick its tail in its mouth. Pillaging Norsemen attribute earthquakes to the beast, and foretell of the day when it will kick-start Ragnarok, the Northern European version of the apocalypse.

Designer Dave Prince took the image of the epoch-ending, world-spanning serpent and applied it to his concept chronometer, the Jormungand wristwatch. The strap extends from one side of the watch, wrapping around the wrist and tapering to a point at the opposite end. It tells time with two overlapping disks, with a glowing notch on each to mark off the hours and minutes.

Prince designed Jormungand for International Design Solutions, as part of an internal project. Thus it's unlikely that we'll be seeing this watch in the market soon. Hopefully they'll manufacture it before that whole 2012 apocalypse thing.

[source: A generous designer's tumblr via Tuvie]