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Internet Addiction Leaves Man Homeless

There's a lot of talk about Internet addiction lately, and there has even been mention of Internet addiction bootcamps opening in both China and here in the States. But is Internet addiction actually real? Ask a name simply known as "Andrew" who now sleeps in a tent thanks to the problem.

This report on Newsweek, written by Winston Ross, opens with his visit to the ReSTART Internet Addiction Recovery Program center located in Fall City, Washington. He said that walking into one of the sessions was like walking into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. When asking for a Wi-Fi connection, he felt as if he was asking for a single-malt Scotch.

But the real story here is about his 36-year-old homeless brother who, by the actions that led him to his present situation, proved to Ross that the problem is real. The brother, as previously stated, sleeps in a tent upon three mattresses set between a set of railroad tracks. To eat he uses food stamps to purchase microwaveable meals, or he heads to the local soup kitchen to catch a meal.

But for most of the day, he camps around a computer at the Oregon State University playing World of Warcraft, reading blogs, online news, and so much more. "He goes 'home' only when the lab closes," Ross said. "He's recently acquired a laptop, after much fundraising from sympathetic relatives, so he can now stay connected day and night, if he can find an open Wi-Fi hot spot."

To get the full impact of the story, be sure to head here.

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  • vorless
  • doc70
    "Ask a name simply known as "Andrew"...
    I tried, but the NAME would not answer.../spellcheck

    otherwise, pretty sad story
  • papasmurf
    This is the reason I hate our government, we give people like this food stamps. I think food stamps should require the same proof of effort that unemployment does. Proof that you're out looking for work. I can't believe that my tax dollars go towards expanding this guy's large gut
  • xaira
    that sucks dude its sad to see that some can reach so far,
  • Honis
    Addiction can be summed up as anything a person brings him/herself to become dependent on. So yes Internet addiction is a real thing, as is gaming addiction, as is cocaine addiction, etc. One could say the pervs from the Modern Warfare Goggles article are addicted to their moms basement\care\etc.
  • strandwolf
    Compulsion. Insufficient self-control, but can you blame the guy for hangin' with more stimulating fare than with the doofus types that snivel about his behavior?
  • axekick
    Someone should start an online support group for people with internet addictions....

    kind of like having an AA meeting at the local pub
  • Hellbound
    And of course, he's a WoW player....
  • axekick
    El_CapitanSo, is playing on a computer without an internet connection akin to that of drinking non-alcoholic beer?
    They could no longer call it an "internet addiction".. then they would begin boot-camps for computer addiction I'm sure.
  • bison88
    lol guy is my hero! I will be there soon my friend, we can share mattresses :D