Retrode Rips ROMS From Old Game Carts

Have a load of old game console cartridges sitting around collecting dust? Why not back them up with the Retrode, a ROM-ripping device built to access SNES and Genesis cartridges quickly and legally. Forget about paying for those games again on the iPhone or Nintendo WiiWare--just rip them from their original homes and play them on the PC or Mac!

According to the Retrode's designer, there's really nothing to the device: simply plug the cartridge into the Retrode and then connect the device to your PC or Mac via a USB port. The Retrode will then retrieve the ROM and save it to your hard drive in the appropriate, emulator-friendly format.

The drawback to this piracy-free method of playing your old games? $96.99 USD. Yep, that's rather hefty pricetag, and certainly costs more than a used console. Still, in the long run, the price may be worth it for those who just can't let go of those old cartridges.

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