Mouse-Maker Razer Hacked, Firmware Infected

Is there anything--heck anywhere--safe on the Internet anymore? Rik Ferguson of Trend Micro is claiming that PC accessory maker Razer USA was recently infected with a Trojan horse, thus infecting drivers stored on its support servers. After downloading and examining eight infected drivers, Trend Micro contacted the company and the files were thus removed from the site.

Unfortunately, many customers already downloaded the infected files. Ferguson told ITworld that consumers not only retrieved the requested drivers, but the WORM.ASPXOR.AB Trojan program as well. The malware is rather obscure, with only 7 out of 41 vendors offering generic detection. Because Razer USA's peripherals are mostly geared toward gamers, they are more at risk because they tend to disable antivirus protection to gain more system resources.

Currently Razer USA has no clue as to how the downloads were infected. As of Monday afternoon, the company's main website was still up and running, however the customer support website was yanked offline while Razer USA and Trend Micro investigated the source of the infection. "Woops," read the support page. "We had to bring down Razer Support for the time being for a quick fix."

Ferguson said that the malicious Trojans were crawling on Razer USA's website for a few days prior to his involvement based on comments from concerned customers. As of today the support page has returned online, however Razer USA provides links to online virus scanners for anyone who downloaded the infected drivers here.

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