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Epic: Ureal Engine 4 Not Until ''Next Gen''

In addition to news that the company will be opening a new office in Tokyo, Epic Games' president Michael Capps spoke with Eurogamer during the Tokyo Game Show and mentioned the possibility of a third Gears of War title. However, he also added that if the game ships within the next few years (four or five at the most), it will use Unreal Engine 3, not Unreal Engine 4. But he also added that if the game ships on the next generation platform, it will more than likely use the company's next engine.

During TGS Capps told a captive audience that Epic has been working on Unreal Engine 4 for the past seven years, gearing up for the next generation of hardware. However, there was some hint of caution when mentioning life after the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. "We're very concerned that the next generation will be massively parallel and most engines won't be able to adapt for that," said Capps.

He also said during the press event that other companies--as well as Epic--have an advantage because the company develops its own engine. "Every game developer wishes they had time to invest in better tools," he added. "We invest a lot in making our content teams more effective, and we can do that because we're making hundreds of other teams effective too."

Capps also revealed that Epic staffs around 50 to 60 employees on each game rather than load up truck loads of programmers and artists like Assassin's Creed's whopping 400 team members. Capps said that Epic likes to stay focused on smaller games with "lots of quality."