Sims Creator Will Wright Launching TV Show

Contributing Writer

After having conquered PC gamers by addicting them to The Sims and Spore franchises, famed designer Will Wright is now tackling gamers on another front by way of Al Gore's cable channel/web TV startup, Current TV.

However Wright's latest project won't be a game contrived of polygons and textures, but rather a Reality TV-type show where viewers create and control storylines and plot developments. Participants will be able to log onto the show's website and submit their ideas by way of a virtual television studio Wright developed especially for this project. Called Bar Karma, the show will launch on Gore's network in Q1 2011.

"Bar Karma is a culmination of over a year's work and I am very excited to see the results as we join together not only gamers and television viewers, but actually create a community that will be empowered with a professional production team," stated Will Wright. "To develop and lead an initiative like this fulfills a long held passion for television, and I am thrilled that Current would provide the resources and creative support to bring this to air."

Bar Karma will be comprised of four key production stages:


Viewers will log on to "Current TV’s Creation Studios" at through their computers and mobile devices and join the online community.


Viewers will submit potential story ideas on an ongoing basis. Each week the show producers will provide the viewing community with a rough outline for the upcoming episode. Viewers will then have the ability to create various storyboards of unlimited plot possibilities.


Viewers will browse, comment and merge various ideas for the episode. Final proposals will then be reviewed and voted on.


After the final storyboard is selected by the community, Hecht and Worldwide Biggies will adapt, shoot, produce and edit the winning storyline into a 30 minute television episode.

Current TV said that specific details--including the launch of the community site, advertising sponsors, etc--will be announced in the coming weeks.