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Original Carmageddon Coming to iOS, Android Soon

Over on the Carmageddon: Reincarnation Kickstarter page, Stainless Games reports that the original Carmageddon game is heading to Apple's iOS and Google's Android mobile platforms this summer. One of the more notable additions will be Action Replay which will allow players to save a movie and upload it to YouTube for all to see and admire.

"We plan to sell this new version of the original game on app stores, in order to add to the funding for Carmageddon: Reincarnation," the studio states. "But, as a way of saying thanks to you all, we’re going to launch Carmageddon on the App Store free for the first 24 hours! This offer relates to both the iOS and Android versions. Both will be available Free for the first 24 hours after they launch!"

The mobile version will feature a wide selection of touch control methods to appease every mobile gamer. It will also have an intuitive gesture system allowing repair and recovery of the player vehicle. For the iOS version, Carmageddon will even sport Game Center support.

"Game Center integration brings Achievements and Leaderboards to Carmageddon for the very first time," the studio says. "How much higher than your friends’ can your pedestrian count rise? Who’s pulled off the most Cunning Stunts? Now you’ll know!"

Carmageddon originally crashed the PC gaming scene way back in 1997. It was developed by Stainless and published by both Interplay and SCi. It sparked pre-Columbine controversy due to its graphic violence, or rather, the ability to run over pedestrians to the point where they become blobs of splattered blood and bone. As a reward, players were granted more time to complete the race at hand.

A DOS-based game for the PC, Carmageddon was notable for its physics and in-game movie making features. It was also one of the pioneers in sandbox 3D driving which reportedly influenced later games like Driver and the Grand Theft Auto series. In other countries, pedestrians were replaced by zombies or robots, or the game was banned outright due to the blood and gore.

It will be interesting to see how Apple will handle Carmageddon's excessive violence. At the same time, Rockstar managed to publish Grand Theft Auto on iTunes, so Stainless may not have an issue. Still, Stainless says Carmageddon will be universal, so whatever happens on iOS may be carried over to Android.

As for the status of Carmageddon: Reincarnation, the Kickstarter project has received a pledge of $483,940 USD, way over the $400,000 goal. The project currently has 12,645 backers with five days to go. Two backers have pledged over $10,000 apiece who will be flown to the UK studio to have a new opponent character designed based on their appearance.

Carmageddon Mobile will land on Apple's iOS platform this summer. The Android version will be launched shortly thereafter, the studio says. Heck, now all we need now is a mobile version of Postal.