iPhone Outsells BlackBerry in RIM's Home Country

Research In Motion hasn't had an easy time as of late. The company is struggling to keep up with competitors in both the tablet and smartphone space. Now it seems the company has been dealt another blow: the iPhone has, for the first time, outsold the BlackBerry in RIM's native Canada.

Bloomberg and IDC report that the Ontario-based company shipped 2.08 million handsets in Canada last year. This is compared to Apple's 2.85 million iPhones. The year previously, the BlackBerry pipped Apple to the number one spot by half a million units. Go back even further, to 2008, and the BlackBerry was outselling the iPhone by nearly five to one in Canada.

Discounting how popular the BlackBerry brand is among Canadians, it's impressive that Apple has managed to knock the smartphone maker off the top spot with essentially just one phone. While RIM's portfolio includes several different models of BlackBerry, Apple has just one phone. RIM is currently preparing for BlackBerry World, which is set to take place from May 1 to May 3.

According to Bloomberg, RIM's Canadian sales fell 23 percent in the third fiscal quarter from a year earlier, while sales in the U.S. nosedived by 45 percent.

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  • xjoedisorderx
    75+ million people?
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  • AznCracker
    Who uses blackberry's anymore?
  • xjoedisorderx
    75+ million people?
  • motheninja
    Apple has more models than 1! The 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S. You can still find the 3G in some locations!