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Giant Angry Birds Slingshot Created for Angry Birds Space

Residents of Seattle, Washington were in for quite a pleasant surprise Thursday morning as they looked at the city's famous landmark, the Seattle Space Needle. As you already know, Rovio's Angry Birds has already done a pretty good job taking over the world, so naturally the company has set its sights on space with its latest release, Angry Birds Space.

To commemorate its release on Thursday, March 22nd, the company teamed up with T-Mobile to create a gigantic Angry Birds slingshot, the only real way to launch a bird into outer space. Unfortunately the promotional display was just a piece of art and no giant angry red birds were flung into space that day. Regardless, the 300-foot long slingshot holding a 35-foot bird is still an impressive sight.

In addition to creating the slingshot, the company invited fans of the Angry Birds franchise to the Space Needle itself to try the new game and win prizes. If you haven't tried Angry Birds Space yet, you can find the free app on your iOS or Android app stores. If you've already become addicted to the game, you can anxiously wait until March 25th when you can buy your very own Angry Birds Space merchandise at Walmart.