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4D Cinema Seats Enhance Your Viewing Experience

The movie watching experience has become increasingly advanced over the years from gigantic screens to realistic 3D experiences with state of the art technology. The movie theater has evolved from a place to watch our films into a place to experience and live through our films. At least that's what a Canadian firm hopes to accomplish with their brand new 4-D cinema seats.

Coming in a set called the D-Box, these 4-D mechanical seats are pre-programmed according to whatever film is being played. Whatever insane action sequence is occurring on screen, the viewer is going to experience with moving and vibrating seats. 

Typical feelings to be expected from these moving seats are forward movements that mimic vehicle acceleration, vibrations for explosions and of course thrilling feelings of free-falling when our favorite protagonist dives from a cliff.

For the movie viewer who is less enthusiastic about experiencing the jerky vomit educing movements of a high budget action film, each seat comes with a configuration panel that allows viewers to lessen the intesnity of the movements.

Although movie theaters are typically a place to just sit down relax and enjoy a movie, the D-Box is definitely going to create an interesting and potentially exciting new way to experience films. With the D-Box already being built in over 50 US theaters we can expect to hear much more about this 4D experience soon.