Eufy Smart Scale P1 Review

A basic choice for non-athletes with quick and accurate readings

A photo of the Eufy P1 smart scale
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Tom's Guide Verdict

Easy to use app but lacks athlete mode and will “stick” to previous weight


  • +

    Seamless connectivity

  • +

    Simple to use app

  • +

    14 body metric measurements

  • +

    16 user profiles


  • -

    No athlete mode

  • -

    No WiFi

  • -

    All users must use the same app login

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Eufy makes a wide variety of electronic home goods from security cameras (and pet cams) to robot vacuums. The P1 smart scale is a budget-friendly option for the average person who wants more than a simple bodyweight measurement. 

With the standard bio-electric impedance, the scale sends signals through the user’s body to create 14 different health readings with the assistance of traditional algorithms.

Eufy Smart Scale P1 specifications

Connectivity: Bluetooth
Size: 11 x 11 x 0.9 inches
Android/iOS: Yes/Yes
Max Users: 16
Stats: Weight, body fat %, BMI, water, BMR, visceral fat, body age, body fat mass, lean body mass, bone %, bone mass, muscle mass, muscle %, protein
Max Weight: 397 pounds / 180kg
MyFitnessPal Compatible: Yes (indirectly)
Batteries: 3 AAA 

Although the scale is easy to use for almost anyone, some individuals may find the data lacking. How does it compare to some of the best smart scales on the market? Read on to find out if the Eufy Smart Scale P1 is the best choice for you.

Eufy Smart Scale P1 review: Price and availability 

The Eufy Smart Scale P1 retails for $39.99 on their website and can also be found on Amazon, Best Buy, and other big-box stores such as Walmart. The price point of the P1 makes it relatively budget-friendly compared to other smart scale choices. However, similarly priced options may offer additional benefits, depending on your needs.

Eufy Smart Scale P1 review: Design and display

In terms of size, the P1 scale is similar to other designs such as the Renpho smart scale. It is on the smaller side and is relatively light at only 3.3lb (1.5kg). However, its base is low-profile with grips on the bottom to provide stability. 

During testing, it was clear that stepping onto the scale carefully is essential. Wobbly kids or heavier adults should be deliberate with their steps, since stepping on the edge too heavily will tip the scale.

The top of the scale is made from tempered glass with rounded corners and an indium tin oxide coating which allows for electrical conductivity. This coating and two pairs of G-shaped sensors increase the scale’s ability to scan the body accurately. It’s easy to clean with a lightly damp cloth but avoid getting it wet or storing it in a humid environment.

A photo of the Eufy P1 smart sclae

(Image credit: Future)

An LED screen with bright, large numbers that appear instantly makes the Eufy scale one of the best in class for easy reading. A prominent and visible Bluetooth symbol will appear when the scale is connecting to your device, so you know it’s syncing correctly. After displaying bodyweight, the display will show scrolling dotted lines to communicate that it is scanning using bio-electric impedance, which takes seconds to finish. Only bodyweight is revealed on the scale’s display. For additional metric reporting, you will need to view the app. Bodyweight and other data are reported to the 0.1 decimal place in 0.1lb increments. Some scales use rounding up and only report 0.2lb increments, making them slightly less accurate than the Eufy P1.

After a short time of using the Eufy scale, I did notice a small chip out of the side, despite careful use. It is unclear how this occurred, but it did not interfere with the scale’s functionality.

Eufy Smart Scale P1 review: Set up

Set-up of the Eufy P1 scale is quick and seamless. Insert three AAA batteries into the back, and the scale will light up to indicate it is powered. Flip the scale over and place it on a flat, uncarpeted surface. You will see ‘00’ displayed on the screen. 

At this point, you can choose the unit you prefer to read your results in, which is either pounds or kilograms (no option for stones). This preference can be chosen manually on the back of the scale or through the app settings. The app itself, called EufyLife, is downloadable on your chosen app store for Android or iOS

You will be prompted to pair the app with your scale through Bluetooth (make sure your Bluetooth option is switched on). Then the app will run you through a series of questions to input your age, height, and sex. If you do not want to use the app or input your personal data, the scale functions perfectly well as a bodyweight-only device. 

One downside to the app set-up is the lack of an athlete mode. On smart scales that measure body fat and muscle mass, an athlete mode allows the scale’s algorithmic data to adjust for someone that is heavier due to dense muscle mass, rather than fat mass. Since bio-impedance is not very accurate, the reported data used to determine advanced metrics for bone, muscle, and fat relies on mathematical equations that use your data, such as age and height, combined with your weight to provide a best-guess result.

A photo of the Eufy smart scale with a weight on

(Image credit: Future)

However, just as with BMI (body mass index) reporting, the statistics and best guesses are not accurate for some people, namely, those with a significant amount of muscle and heavier, denser bones (which can result from strength training). For this very reason, most smart scales include an option for athlete mode, which uses different numbers to give a more accurate ‘best-guess’ for especially sporty people. The Eufy P1 has no such option, making it basically unsuitable for me. That said, anyone who does not need athlete mode will have no issue with the reporting.

Eufy Smart Scale P1 review: App features

EufyLife is a well-designed app that is simple to use and provides easy-to-understand information. The design is clean, and just like the scale’s physical screen, large numbers make it easy to read, no matter your age. You can add up to 16 users from a single app, but will need to use the app to view each person’s data, which syncs through Bluetooth. Due to no wireless connectivity, you need to have the scale and the phone near each other during use if you want to record and store data.

The app picks up on the user by recognizing how closely their weight is to previous entries. Of course, if you and one of the other users fall into a similar weight range, this function can become a bit more challenging, but you can simply choose your profile in the app upon being prompted.

A screenshot from the Eufy Smart Scale app

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What you will see on your profile dashboard is your bodyweight front and center in your chosen unit. Below you will see your BMI and body fat percentage to the 0.1 decimal point. Beside that, you can choose to view more which will take you to another screen to view more metrics. On the main dashboard, you can also view your bodyweight goal (if you choose to set one), which is editable from the dashboard, as well as options to view your measurement trends and history of weigh-ins.  

Within the app, you can see the additional data for body fat, muscle, and bone percentages and mass. This data is provided in terms of a scale where you are given a report of where you fall in terms of a high, low, or normal rating for each of the 14 data points. Take these reports lightly, however, as they are not necessarily accurate. Speak to your doctor if you are concerned with any of the numbers, and if you are interested in more accurate data, a DEXA (dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry) scan is the best option.

A photo of the Eufy smart scale turned off

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Eufy Smart Scale P1 review: Compatibility

EufyLife allows you to connect to third-party apps such as Fitbit, Apple Health, and Google Fit. You can indirectly sync these to MyFitnessPal or other such apps, which will draw the data from the secondary app to your profile.

Eufy Smart Scale P1 review: Verdict

The Eufy Smart Scale P1 is a solid choice for anyone who does not require athlete mode. It is affordable, very user-friendly, and provides all the basic information you need plus more data in the app. It is not for you if you are muscular or pregnant. It also does not allow stones as a unit of measurement, so be aware of that if you prefer to read your weight in stones. If you are looking for a smart scale that'll do all of these things, take a look at the Withings Body+ Scale.

The scale is small, sleek, and easy to read with a bright and large display, so this scale is a solid choice if you have children or have visual impairments. As with any other smart scale that uses bio-electric impedance, the data is only a best guess, so compare it with a more advanced testing regimen if you need accurate data.