This MagSafe RGB cooler is like having a gaming PC fan for your iPhone

The Redmagic phone cooler
(Image credit: Redmagic)

Many checkmarks need to be ticked before a product can hit gamer-approved status. Redmagic ticks many gamer boxes with the VC Cooler 5 Pro, designed to keep your phone cool during intense gaming sessions. It does so with vibrant RGB lights, which might sit atop the gamer-approved checklist. And it’s MagSafe compatible, which means it’ll keep your iPhone cool while you melt enemies in Call of Duty: Mobile or whatever phone game tickles your fancy.

According to Redmagic, its liquid-cooled phone attachment can quickly lower a smartphone’s temperature by 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) to bring it down to an ice-cold -12 degrees Celsius (10.4 degrees Fahrenheit). If you’ve ever marathoned a gaming session on your phone, you know how hot it can get, so a product like this could be worth having.

It’s compatible with all kinds of phones, but most notable is support for MagSafe, making this a cooler that works with recent Apple iPhone models. If your phone doesn’t have a built-in magnet to hold the cooler to the back, Redmagic has included a magnetic sticker that can be affixed to the phone to add magnetic functionality. There's also a far less elegant clip option. If you go this way, you’ll need to use a cable for power.

The Redmagic cooler with a clip

For phones without magnets, Redmagic also offers a handy clip (Image credit: Redmagic)

For Android phones, there’s an app called Goper that uses Redmagic’s AI Thermal Control feature to optimize the phone’s cooling. Unfortunately, this app isn’t out on iOS, so iPhone owners will need to regulate the cooling manually. 

One of the biggest drawbacks I can see right off the bat is the way having a bulky cooling device on the back of the phone could alter the way it feels in hand. You’ll need to change your grip to hold the phone without the cooler getting in the way. We’ve requested a review unit from Redmagic to test how it feels for ourselves, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind before deciding whether you want to purchase one.

On the plus side, the cooler's shape allows it to also serve as a phone stand. In the press release, the company cites that it can be “easily attached to devices or used as a phone stand, ensuring optimal cooling without compromising user comfort.”

The new Redmagic cooler will be available on April 15 for $59 in the US, the EU, the UK, and other parts of the world from the company's website.

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