Should you buy the Casper Mattress in Black Friday sales? I'm a sleep writer — here's my take

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The Casper Original Mattress is one of the most popular boxed mattresses in America and the brand’s best-selling memory foam bed, thanks to deep pressure relief at an affordable price. It’s even cheaper this month too, with Casper knocking 10% off the Original all-foam mattress. This discount reduces the price of a queen size to $1,165.50 (was $1,295), but should you buy the Casper Original in the Black Friday mattress sales or is there a better option out there for you?

I know from my extensive research on sleep products for Tom’s Guide that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all mattress; even our best mattress recommendation overall, the Saatva Classic, has its minor drawbacks. The all-foam Casper Original is no exception. While some sleepers love the trademark softness of memory foam, others feel trapped by its sink-in cushioning. Plus, while foam beds tend to be affordable than other types, there are cheaper all-foam and hybrid alternatives to the Casper Original. You’ll find lots of these in our guide to the best mattresses in a box for different budgets.

Casper is one of the biggest names in the sleep industry, and the entry-level Casper Original has enough extras to beat out competitor beds in the same price bracket (as explained in our Leesa vs Casper comparison). While memory foam is notorious for trapping heat, the Casper’s cooling properties makes it one of the best memory foam mattresses for hot sleepers.

If you’re thinking of buying the Casper mattress in the Black Friday sales, I’ve compiled a list of its pros and cons right here to help you make an informed decision. I’ll also point you in the direction of some good alternatives if you decide the Casper Original isn’t right for you after all.

The Casper Original Mattress Black Friday deal

Casper Original Mattress by Casper

Casper Original Mattress by Casper
from $895
Now: from $805.50 at Casper
Saving: Up to $169.50

Summary: With its medium-firm rating, this mattress suits most sleeping positions – especially stomach, back, and combination sleepers. Their trademark Zoned Support layer offers 3 ergonomic zones for cradling comfort and better spinal alignment. The sink-in softness under the shoulders and supportive firmness around the hips, waist, and lower back makes this bed ideal for those suffering with joint and back pain. The 11-inch Casper original is constructed from premium CertiPUR-US certified foam (meaning it meets health and environmental standards) that conforms to your body’s shape and absorbs pressure. For a memory foam mattress, its standout features are its cooling properties. The brand’s AirScape Technology layer contains perforated foam which improves airflow for a cooler sleep. However, while this breathable bed will fit hot sleepers nicely, the Casper mattress is not designed for them, so if you suffer from extreme overheating you might want to opt for one of the best cooling mattresses.

Price history: Casper's official Black Friday sale has launched with up to 25% off its range of beds. While the largest discounts fall on the brand's most expensive temperature regulating beds, such as the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow, the Casper Original is 20% off. You can sometimes find bigger flash sales in the the Amazon Casper store, but the Original is rarely cheaper there and it doesn’t have the same benefits of when you buy directly from Casper. For the latest Casper discounts, be sure to check out our Casper mattress sales and deals hub.

Benefits: Free Delivery | 100-night trial | 10-year limited warranty 

Why you should buy the Casper Original Mattress this Black Friday

✅1. It sleeps cool for a memory foam mattress

While a lot of sleepers enjoy the traditional ‘hug’ of a memory foam mattress, what they don’t enjoy is the trapped heat that comes with conforming to their bodies. Luckily, while not a cooling mattress per se, the Casper Original does have plenty of cooling technology to keep hot sleepers dry and refreshed. 

Its top layer of Casper’s innovative AirScape foam, which uses tiny holes to move hot air away from you,  increases airflow and reduces heat to keep you cool at night. If you’re dealing with extremem overheating, take a look at our guide to the best cooling mattresses for night sweats and hot flashes.

✅2. The Casper Original alleviates back pain

The middle layer of the Casper Original mattress contains the brand’s trademarked Zoned Support, which offers three ergonomic zones for better spinal alignment to alleviate back pain. The sink-in softness under the shoulders and supportive firmness around the hips, waist, and lower back makes this bed ideal for those suffering with joint and back pain. 

In addition to the body-cradling layer, the top layer also contains premium foam to absorb pressure while the bottom layer provides a supportive, anti-sagging base for your whole body. Plus, there’s been many positive user reviews claiming that, since sleeping on the Casper mattress, they’ve experienced less neck and back pain. 

✅3. The Casper Original also suits most sleepers

With its medium-firm rating and its targeted comfort and support, I think this bed is the best option for back sleepers. However, I think it also suits side sleepers who might enjoy sink-in coziness, as well as stomach sleepers like a supportive sleep surface to keep their spine in healthy alignment. 

Also, if you’re a combination or restless sleeper (or share a bed with someone who is) you should find the motion isolation on the Casper Original mattress to be strong enough not to feel any movement. 

Why you shouldn’t buy the Casper Original Mattress this Black Friday

❌1. There are cheaper alternatives to the Casper

While its innovative technology and standout extras make the Casper Original great value for money, you can find similar mattresses at a lower price. I’d recommend taking a look at our Leesa Original mattress review for a cheaper all-foam mattress with good temperature regulation. 

Also, it’s worth checking out the Tom’s Guide Tuft & Needle Original Mattress review for a more budget-friendly alternative that offers the same support, comfort, and cooling properties for a much lower price (the current Tuft & Needle sale knocks a queen down to just $746.25).

❌2. If you don’t like the ‘hug’ of foam, move on

While memory foam gives some sleepers that marshmallow-soft, sink-in feeling, others feel like the memory foam ‘hug’ is trying to trap them (and trap their body heat). While there were some user reviews that claim the bed is actually too firm, the Casper original does have a body-contouring sink-in ‘hug’ that some memory foam beds avoid. 

If you’re looking for an all-foam bed that won’t make you feel like you're sinking, I suggest taking a look at our Purple Original Mattress review. Along with possessing great cooling properties, the Purple mattress’s grid layer leaves sleepers feeling like they’re lying on top of the bed rather than sinking into it.

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