Leesa vs Casper: which is the best memory foam mattress for your sleep?

Leesa vs Casper mattress: image shows the Leesa Original on the left and the Casper Original on the right
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If you’re trying to decide between Leesa and Casper, there are some definite pros and cons to each that should help you make that choice, leading you to the best mattress for your sleep. Here we’re focusing on the most affordable Original models from each brand, comparing them in terms of price, trial period, design, comfort and support.

Both the Leesa Original and the Casper Original offer a medium-firm feel that should suit most body weights and sleep positions. They start off at a similar price, with $849 for the Leesa Original and $895 for the Casper Original, and have a similar construction with contouring foam layers and a sturdy foam base. But there are some key differences between these two memory foam mattresses too, as we explain in our Leesa vs Casper comparison.

Leesa vs Casper: At a glance

Leesa Original - best for

  • Back and side sleepers
  • Sleepers needing extra cushioning
  • Those wanting the cheapest option

Casper Original - best for

  • Stomach and back sleepers
  • Hot sleepers
  • People with joint pain

Leesa and Casper are top-rated mattress in a box brands, so the perks are good with each. You'll get free shipping and returns, a 10-year warranty and a 100-night risk-free trial with both the Leesa Original and the Casper Original, but how do they each fare when it comes to comfort and price? 

As we explain in our Leesa Original mattress review, it has a listing price of $849 for a twin when there isn't a mattress sale running, and the Casper Original has an RRP of $895 for a twin, so there isn't much between them. However, if you’re after queen size, the price difference increases slightly with Leesa costing $1,199 and Casper priced $1,295.

The Leesa is rated a 5-7 out of 10 on the firmness scale, giving it a medium-firm feel that should suit most body types and sleeping positions. The Casper Original is slightly taller at 11 inches compared to 10 inches on the Leesa, and it also has a medium-firm feel. There's also zoned support here to provide targeted levels of support where needed most along the spine. 

You can buy a hybrid version of the Casper Original, but you'll pay extra for the spring and foam version (a queen size costs $1,695). For Leesa's top hybrid, see our Leesa Sapira Hybrid mattress review.

Leesa vs Casper: Side by side

Leesa Original

  • Price: From $849 to $1,399
  • Type: Mattress in a box
  • Best for: Combination sleepers
  • Firmness: Medium-firm (5-7)
  • Sleep trial: 100 nights
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Materials: Cooling foam, contouring memory foam, core support foam
  • Height: 10 inches
  • Weight: 45-92lbs
  • Sizes: Twin to Cal king

Casper Original

  • Price: From $895 to $1,695
  • Type: Mattress in a box
  • Best for: Back sleepers
  • Firmness: Medium-firm
  • Sleep trial: 100 nights
  • Warranty: 10-year limited 
  • Materials: CertiPUR-US foam, memory foam, micro polyamide, cotton
  • Height: 11 inches
  • Weight: 46-100lbs
  • Sizes: Twin to Cal king

Leesa vs Casper: Prices and deals

The Leesa Original is a 10-inch mattress consisting of three layers of foam plus a breathable cover that work together to deliver comfort and contouring. The 11-inch tall Casper Original also has three layers, with the brand's AirScape cooling technology being the star of the show. That said, if you sleep hot, the Casper Wave Snow is the best cooling mattress for you.

Both are described as a medium firmness, though the Leesa has a slightly firmer feel. They're also similarly priced, with the Leesa Original starting at $849 and the Casper Original starting at $895. You'll find both on sale throughout the year too, though we usually see bigger discounts on the Leesa mattress (around $200 off) compared to the Casper (a 10% saving is common).

The Casper Original Mattress on a blue fabric bedframe

(Image credit: Casper)

In the Leesa mattress sale, you can normally get a queen size Leesa Original for around $999 (normally priced $1,199). This puts it in line with the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid (read our DreamCloud Mattress review for more), yet makes it cheaper than the Nectar Mattress at $799 for a queen in the Nectar mattress sale.

The Casper mattress sale usually offers around 10% off the Original, though we have seen discounts as high as 15% depending on the time of year. The cheapest price we have seen on a queen size Casper Original so far this year is $995, making it cheaper than the Leesa.

If you're looking for free gifts as well as money off, then the Leesa Original will tick both boxes as you can normally make a saving and get two free down-alternative pillows with your mattress purchase. Casper usually sticks to a money-off discount, though during big shopping events, such as the Black Friday mattress deals, they may offer discounts and free bedding. 

Shipping and returns are free on both mattresses, and you'll get a 100-night trial from each so that you can test your new bed at home to ensure it's right for you. While 100 nights is plenty, there are other brands, including Nectar Sleep, WinkBeds, DreamCloud and Avocado Green, that offer a year's trial period. The mattress warranties are the same length too at 10 years, and you'll be able to sleep on either mattress within a few hours of unboxing it.

Leesa vs Casper: Build and materials

  • Both use hypoallergenic high-quality foam
  • Both have a similar construction over three layers
  • The Casper Original has a zoned layer for targeted support

The build of the Leesa Original and the Casper Original is similar, with each using a firm foam base, a memory foam core layer, and a softer breathable top layer. The Casper Original features Zoned Support to help align the spine, while the Leesa Original has a standard layer of comfort foam, which suits all sleeping styles and positions.

The Leesa Original is 10 inches high and the three-layer construction comprises 2 inches of cooling foam at the top, 2 inches of contouring memory foam in the middle and 6 inches of core support foam at the base.

The Leesa Original Mattress shown on a grey fabric bed frame with light wooden legs

(Image credit: Leesa)

At 11 inches, the Casper Original is slightly taller and replaces the Leesa contouring memory foam layer with a zoned support layer instead, with three ergonomic zones to help ‘gently sink shoulders and cradle hips for ergonomic spinal alignment.’

The breathable top layer on each provides welcome relief, with the Casper Original’s AirScape layer comprising perforated, breathable foam to improve airflow and circulate air. The Leesa Original’s top layer is slightly cozier yet also breathable, with a responsive foam that sleeps cool while also hugging the body. Both have comfy soft-to-the-touch covers. For an alternative, we'd also recommend Purple and Tempur-Pedic for cooler sleep, though both brands are more expensive than Casper and Leesa. Read our Purple vs Tempur-Pedic comparison for more on those two.

When it comes to materials, both use CertiPUR-US foam, with Casper explaining this means its polyurethane foams are made without ozone-depleting chemicals and phthalates, and is regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Leesa further explains that the foam is free of PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead, formaldehyde or phthalate. Both have low VOC emissions too, so the indoor air quality in your home will be unaffected by the materials used in these Original mattresses.

Leesa vs Casper winner: Casper Original
It’s a close one, as both the Leesa and Casper are similarly constructed and use similar high-quality foams that are hypoallergenic and toxin  free. However, the Casper also offers zoned support for targeted comfort and support at your back and hips, plus it uses the same AirScape cooling technology found in the brand's more expensive mattresses.

Leesa vs Casper: Support and comfort

  • Both have breathable top layers to dissipate heat
  • The Leesa Original is the firmer of the two
  • The Casper Original delivers zoned support

The Casper Original uses 4D Sleep Technology, focusing on temperature, alignment, touch and time (ie, waking up in the night) to help you get a great night’s sleep. The zoned support gives the Casper Original the edge over the Leesa Original, with the design helping align the spine.

Both are breathable for hot sleepers, although Casper's AirScape layers help to boost airflow further. Ultimately though, both use similar premium foam and come with a steady and durable base giving plenty of support from the foundation up.

The Casper Original mattress sat on a grey bedframe and dressed with two white pillows

(Image credit: Casper)

The Leesa Original is suitable for all sleeping positions, making it perfect for combination sleepers. Its foundation provides plenty of support for the back, and there’s excellent pressure relief too. With its 5-7 medium-firmness rating, it hits the sweet spot of cosy yet supportive. 

With a similar feel to the Leesa, but with its extra zoned support, the Casper Original is a good option for back sleepers. The overall feel of this mattress is just as cozy and supportive as the Leesa, and with the extra breathability, it is also a good all-rounder for most sleepers. 

Leesa vs Casper winner: Casper Original.
Focusing on support and comfort, the Casper wins here as it delivers extra with zoned support to align the spine, plus offers extra with its AirScape cooling layer providing a touch extra breathability over the Leesa Original.

Leesa vs Casper: User reviews

Casper has over 20,000 user reviews and counting on the brand's website. With an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, there are plenty of customers who enjoy sleeping on the Casper Original. Sleepers comment how they experience less neck and back pain when sleeping on the Casper, and how easy it is to order the mattress online.

Critical reviews focus on issues with delivery, while other customers complain about the firmness of the mattress, arguing that it's much firmer than the medium-firm rating Casper has awarded it. If you find yourself in a similar boat and wish the Casper Original was just a little softer, you could invest in the best mattress topper to make your bed softer.

Leesa also has over 20,000 reviews and a 4.5 out of 5 star rating for its Original mattress. Similar to the Casper Original, positive user reviews focus on the instant comfort of the Leesa Original. Many also say it's supportive and offers good motion isolation if you're sharing with a restless sleeper.

Like the Casper Original, there are critical user reviews for the Leesa too. Some complained about a lingering off-gassing smell (read our feature on what is mattress off-gassing for more information), while others complained that the Leesa offered little support and that they sank too far into the mattress to be properly aligned.

Leesa vs Casper winner: It’s a draw.
Both Leesa and Casper brands have plenty of positive feedback and high user review ratings. However, if you do have particular issues, such as back pain or overheating, the less favourable comments are just as helpful and could help you decide which mattress might help you sleep better.

Leesa vs Casper: Which should you buy?

A man wearing an orange t-shirtsits on the edge of the Leesa Original Mattress in a stylish white bedroom

(Image credit: Leesa)

If you’re after a reliable memory foam mattress that suits most body types and sleeping positions, then both the Leesa and Casper have plenty to offer. While the Leesa Original may be too soft to keep heavier than average bodies properly aligned during sleep, we feel most other sleepers will enjoy this mattress. 

The Casper Original, with its zoned support for better back health, will suit dominant back and side sleepers who enjoy a touch of sink-in coziness without feeling stuck in the mattress. It also has more cooling tech than the Leesa, making it the better choice for hot sleepers.

Both mattresses similar reviews and offer the same perks of a 100-night trial, 10-year warranty and free delivery and returns. With a starting price of $849 for the Leesa Original and $895 for the Casper Original, there isn't much of a price gap until you get to the larger sizes. The Leesa is then around $200-300 cheaper.

While neither are specifically designed for hot sleepers, there is extra cooling and breathability on offer with airy top layers. The Casper Original, in particular, has an AirScape layer with perforated, breathable foam to improve airflow. Along with the zoned support, it could be these extra touches that win you over, even for the slightly more expensive starting price. 

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