This Joanna Gaines decluttering trick is what we all should be doing in our homes in 2024

Joanna Gaines
Joanna Gaines (Image credit: Getty Images)

The new year is the perfect time for decluttering your home, getting organized and creating more functional space. And when it comes to home styling and organization, there’s no better person to take inspiration from than Joanna Gaines. 

Known for her rustic-chic, farmhouse style, and giving practical storage advice on HGTV show, Fixer Upper, Joanna is also entrepreneur, author and mother-of-five. So it isn't any wonder that she would keep her home super organized at all times.  

But while there are plenty of methods around, from KonMari and ski-slope to the morbid-sounding, Swedish death cleaning trend, this one decluttering trick from Joanna Gaines is what we all should be doing in our homes in 2024. 

Open shelving or vertical storage 

If you’re wondering what this groundbreaking tip is, it’s actually quite simple. Open shelving or vertical storage will help keep our homes organized. These are popular, design favorites that Joanna uses to organize spaces, and intended to force us to declutter and keep things in a tidy manner.  

The idea is that since your shelves are on display for guests (and yourself) to see, you’ll be less likely to ignore the messy clutter. We often tend to shove stuff away deep inside cabinets, boxes or overfill drawers without much thought. Trouble is, we can never find anything quickly and easily in a hurry.  

Whether it be in your living room, bedroom or entryway, open shelves or vertical storage will not only help to keep the area organized, but will free up functional living space. Vertical storage is also practical if you want to make a small room look bigger.  

Kitchen wall storage

Kitchen wall storage (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Depending on how strong your walls are, you can wall mount floating wall shelves, cabinets, televisions or TV consoles to free up valuable floor space. This is also one of the 7 ways to double your space in a small kitchen, if you have a compact size and need more room.

Joanna Gaines usually maximizes space by installing floating shelves, oversized bookcases and other methods of vertical storage, such as bins suspended from metal rods. As a result, these are effective in creating clutter-free and functional spaces.  

So, if you want to ensure a tidy home for 2024, you might want to try out Joanna’s simple decluttering trick. 

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