PS5 fans are getting impatient after huge Xbox Series X reveal

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Now that Microsoft has fully unveiled the specs and feature set for the Xbox Series X, when will the PS5 have its moment? That's the question that tons of PlayStation fans seem to be asking right now.

Reddit user VIT52 posted a thread with the Xbox Series X specs in the PS5 subreddit stating that "I wish Sony release some type of info on PS5," which has gotten over one thousand upvotes and nearly as many comments. The takeaway? Sony fans want more information, and they want it soon.

The Xbox Series X's Smart Delivery feature, which allows you to buy an Xbox One game and automatically enjoy the upgraded Xbox Series X version for free, was a major topic of discussion in the thread. Based on the comments, the PS5 might be in big trouble if Sony doesn't offer something similar for its console, and instead forces gamers to buy enhanced versions of PS4 hits like Uncharted 4 and Spider-Man

There's also some concern in the PS5 community around specs. 

"Anybody else really anxious now?" wrote user cmd_1211. "Like that github leak was all correct on xbox specs. it also said PS5 had [9 teraflops of power]. I really dont want an underperforming console again," referencing the Xbox One X's power advantage over the PS4 Pro.

Several users even noted that they're thinking of switching to Xbox for this upcoming generation, citing powerful Series X specs such as a 12 teraflop GPU that offers double the power of the Xbox One X

For some fans, the big Xbox Series X news is taking the excitement out of an eventual PS5 reveal.

"MS releasing this level of information first also impedes some of the 'hype' of PS5 reveals, because now we're all waiting for Sony to confirm that PS5 is just as capable - and if it's not we're going to then want to know why and what makes it special," wrote user DNC88.

"Hell, at this stage, we're just waiting for Sony to confirm ANYTHING that is new."

It isn't all doom and gloom on the PS5 subreddit, however. Some PlayStation fans are simply excited to pick up both consoles, while others are convinced that PS5 will succeed even if it's behind in power -- and hype.

"It's all about the games," wrote user Zach_N. "Trust the devs to do their thing and get the most impressive visuals you can think of with the PS5's specs, and don't worry."

Will the PS5's specs measure up to the beastly Xbox Series X? We could find out soon as Sony is rumored to have a March reveal in the works, though with the company recently pulling out of PAX East, GDC and E3, the console giant's plans may be up in the air. Either way, now that Xbox has thrown down the gauntlet, this holiday's console wars are shaping up to be more interesting than ever. 

Michael Andronico

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