OpenAI's GPT Store is now live with over 3 million custom chatbots to try

OpenAI has launched its GPT Store
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OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, has finally launched its "app store for AI", allowing people to use or event create custom versions of the popular chatbot.

More than three million GPTs have already been created by the community, joining those from OpenAI itself such as DALL-E for image generation and Laundry Buddy for getting rid of stubbon stains.

The company originally planned to launch the store back in November but was delayed for a review of systems. This also gave developers more time to create custom bots, which can be trained on new data or even given custom instructions.

How GPTs work

OpenAI says users will be able to share their GPTs

(Image credit: OpenAI)

OpenAI already created a set of its own GPTs including Game Time (to explain board games) and The Negotiator (to help you stand up for yourself). 

However the AI lab  anticipated that the most exciting GPTs will be the ones that originate from its global community.

Initially the GPT Store and access to GPTs is only available to ChatGPT Plus, Team and Enterprise users. Developers of GPTs will be paid by OpenAI depending on user engagement with the custom bot.

The concept of GPTs builds on some of what was already possible with plugins and a good custom initial prompt. It also adds the ability to include additional data.

What is already available?

OpenAI says there will be new featured GPTs every week including personalized trail recommendations from AllTrails, a way to analyze academic papers from Consensus and a design tool for social media posts with Canva.

Existing companies and plugin developers are turning to GPTs as a way to improve access to their products. Canva is a good example, being able to customize how the AI responds in a way that isn't possible with a simple plugin.

The vast majority of GPTs will come from users and developers. It is amazingly simple to create a GPT from scratch, and ChatGPT helps you build it.

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Logan Kilpatrick from OpenAI’s Developer Relations team asked users which GPTs they were building and planned to launch on the store.

On X people responded saying they’re working on GPTs that can create playlists, create art based on the weather, and another that can simulate debates with historical figures.

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