Netflix is giving away one of the best strategy games to its subscribers for free

Into the Breach Advanced Edition comes to iOS and Android via Netflix on July 19
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Update: Into the Breach is available to download on iOS and Android via Netflix right now.

Netflix is getting serious about its free game offerings. Starting on July 19, it's making the new iOS and Android versions of Into the Breach free for subscribers.

For those who missed it when it debuted in 2018, Into the Breach is one of the best Nintendo Switch games of all-time, currently holding an overall average of 89 on Metacritic. The fact that it’s coming to Netflix’s lineup of free mobile games, a collection that has thus far been rather unremarkable, is kind of astounding. 

According to Netflix, the version of the game coming to iOS and Android won’t include any ads or in-app purchases like other mobile games. It's also not the standard edition of the game, but the new Advanced Edition that adds new mech squads, new weapons, new pilots and new pilot abilities and a more challenging difficulty mode. This Advanced Edition of Into the Breach is also translated into seven new languages.

According to Game Informer, the iOS and Android versions of the game will be exclusive to Netflix subscribers — i.e. the only way you’re going to get the game on mobile devices is by being a Netflix subscriber — though folks who own the game on another platform will get the additional content in a free update.

One small step for mobile games, one giant leap for Netflix 

Into the Breach is coming to iOS and Android.

(Image credit: Subset Games)

While mobile gamers used to a plethora of great strategy games may have otherwise ignored Into the Breach’s arrival on iOS and Android, the inclusion of the game on Netflix is going to massively help build the game’s audience.

Up to this point, Netflix has only offered a few lackluster titles — many of which felt a bit like older flash games rather than a fresh new title. 

That doesn’t mean Netflix is suddenly going to transform into an Xbox Game Pass competitor overnight, but adding one of the best PC games like Into the Breach is definitely a step in the right direction.

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