Microsoft could bring one of Xbox Series X’s best features to PC gaming

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Microsoft has been doing a lot to better integrate PC and Xbox gaming over the past several years, which is a great thing for PC gamers. Now it sounds like some more console experiences may end up making the jump to Windows in the near future.

This comes from Roanne Sones, head of Xbox devices, speaking at the launch of the Asus ROG Ally. Apparently the handheld gaming PC is “making [them] think differently about the experience” for Windows gamers.

That could mean a lot of things, but Sones specifically mentioned Quick Resume, which lets you pick up a game right where you left off — without having to navigate menus or wait for it to load. Apparently the ROG Ally has prompted Microsoft to think about integrating this same feature in Windows. The company has also been thinking about whether it could be possible to seamlessly move from a gaming PC to a Rog Ally-style handheld.

This would be one more thing Microsoft could do to improve the parity between Xbox and Windows gaming. There’s no such thing as a “true” Xbox exclusive nowadays, since all first party titles launch on PC as well. PC gamers have also been able to enjoy Game Pass for the past several years, and cloud gaming over the past two.

In fact cloud gaming was available on PC before Xbox consoles, arriving on Windows several months before the feature was available on Xbox consoles.

Quick Resume is one of the best features on the Xbox Series X, and to be able to get that on PC would be a win for PC gamers. Because, frankly, having to wait for games to load up from scratch can be a pain — even if they’re running off a speedy SSD.

Quick Resume is one of the best features on the Xbox Series X, and to be able to get that on PC would be a win for PC gamers.

If Microsoft can alter the feature to work across PC platforms, then all the better for us. That’ll be especially true if other companies follow the example of Asus and Valve in creating their own handheld gaming PCs.

The Asus ROG Ally is a solid PC, but it’s not perfect. Certainly not as a Steam Deck challenger, at any rate. Battery life isn’t fantastic, performance could be better, there’s no specialized UI, and Asus doesn’t offer a list of games that have been specifically optimized for the system.

Asus ROG Ally

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But as we noted in our Asus ROG Ally review, if you’ve never played a handheld gaming PC before, this machine will likely blow you away. At the very least it’s a good starting point for future versions of the device. 

And if Microsoft can make it possible to Quick Resume a game you started on your desktop gaming PC, it’ll be a huge help in offering a serious Steam Deck rival.

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