Jeep Electric is coming — here’s your first look

jeep electric front view
(Image credit: Jeep/Stellantis)

While Jeep isn't penciled in to share any real details about its first electric vehicle until the first quarter of 2023, we won't have to wait that long to get a feel for what it will look like. In fact, we won't have to wait at all — parent company Stellantis has teased us with some images of the EV, although that's about all we've got.

Stellantis said that it intends to be 100% carbon neutral by the year 2038 and it's shared some images of an unnamed, unannounced Jeep EV as part of that. The bright yellow crossover is instantly recognizable as an EV and has an air of the Compass about it — but with a much more sporty slant.

That sporty look includes a closed-off front grille that incorporates an 'e' logo to remind us all there's no engine behind there. A split headline system puts the daytime running lights above the real lamps, something that gives it an almost angry-looking face. 

Jeep electric rear view

(Image credit: Jeep/Stellantis)

We dig it, although we'll have to wait and see what the final version looks like before we make any final judgments. Around the back, Jeep's again gone all sporty with flared wheel arches and a squat stance, which is surprising given the EV's crossover status.

Unfortunately, that's as much as we really know about this thing. Inside EVs believes that we can expect a dual-motor configuration to provide all-wheel-drive capabilities, which makes sense. But given the fact this will likely be based on an updated STALA Small platform, changes will be needed.

That platform doesn't currently have dual-motor all-wheel-drive capabilities at the moment. Or, at the very least, it hasn’t produced any dual motor cars as of yet.

But that's something we can expect to learn more about between now and whenever Jeep officially announces this thing — along with the car’s actual name. There are no badges that give that away right now, unless we're going to be buying the incredibly uninventively-named Jeep E sometime next year.