iPhone 16 Pro Max rumor just gave us a huge reason to skip the iPhone 15

iPhone 15 Pro Max
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Recent rumors claim Apple could change the size of the iPhone 16, offering larger screens than we’re expecting to see on the iPhone 15 later this year. Recent rumors claim that this size increase could be a Pro-exclusive change, and new CAD models could reveal what one of those bigger screens might look like.

Images of the CAD models come courtesy of 9to5Mac, showcasing a new larger iPhone 16 Pro Max (referred to as iPhone 16 Ultra) compared to the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Or at least what we’re expecting the iPhone 15 Pro Max to look like. 

The CADs apparently show the phone rocking a 6.9-inch display, as rumors have previously tipped the phone to have. While that may not sound much bigger than the 6.7-inch display on the iPhone 15 Pro Max and its predecessor, the imagery paints a slightly different picture. 

iphone 16 ultra cad designs next to iphone 15 pro max

(Image credit: 9to5Mac)

The phone is noticeably taller, though the width seems to be staying pretty much the same. Apparently we’re looking at an extra 5mm (0.19 inches) of height and 0.5mm (0.019 inches) of additional width. So holding the phone should feel similar to before, but the extra height isn’t going to go down well with people who already struggle to use large phones.

While we don’t see the iPhone 16 Pro in these images, it too is expected to undergo a growth spurt during 2024. Apparently the Pro’s display will increase from 6.1-inches to 6.3-inches next year. But that change will offer more than just extra screen space.

It’s said the additional space afforded by this size increase could help make room for a periscope telephoto camera. The iPhone 15 Pro Max is expected to get that upgrade this year, but apparently the iPhone 15 Pro is too small to fit all the necessary components.

Of course we are still a few months away from the iPhone 15 launch, so this is incredibly early to be hearing iPhone 16 rumors. Things could easily change over the next 16 or so months, or this early scoop could prove to be straight up wrong. We’re not likely to find out for quite some time.

This hasn’t stopped rumors from emerging online, however. We’ve already heard that the standard iPhone 16 could opt for a vertical camera arrangement, rather than the diagonal used on the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. The phones may also feature an Apple-made 5G modem, while the iPhone 16 Pro series will allegedly feature under-display Face ID — which would further reduce the display notch.

In the meantime you can check out the latest news rumors for Apple’s upcoming iPhone in our iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro hubs.

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