iPhone 12 video reveals notch-free design we’ve been waiting for

iPhone 12 video
(Image credit: ConceptsiPhone)

The iPhone 12's design remains a mystery, but that doesn't stop us from hoping Apple makes a major change to its flagship's appearance. If fact, we'd settle with just one alternation: a notch-free forehead.   

A new concept video, released by leaker Ben Geskin in partnership with Smazizg, imagines an iPhone 12 with no notch. Rather, the front is maximized for the most screen real estate. Thin, uniform bezels surround the display, making for an ultra-satisfying piece of tech to stare at.

Unlike a previous concept video we covered, this notch-less render one doesn't appear to accommodate the iPhone's front-facing technology, like a selfie camera or Face ID reader. That suggests we won't see these perfectly even bezels on the upcoming iPhone, but it's possible a wider forehead can still replace the notch. 

While the all-screen display looks fantastic, the potential of a flush camera arrangement seen in the video is just as alluring. The iPhone 11's camera bump is less pronounced than, say, the Galaxy S20 Ultra's, but we wouldn't be opposed to Apple slimming it down even more. 

The video also materializes rumors that the next iPhone will have flat sides with an iPhone 4-esque matte aluminum band casing in lieu of curved edges. It's even possible Apple's delayed iPhone SE follow-up, the iPhone 9, will don this nostalgic design. 

Again this is just a concept video, so it's unlikely this teased design will come to fruition as is when Apple unveils the iPhone 12 this fall. But the artists over at ConceptsiPhone have certainly given us a device aesthetic to dream about.

Kate Kozuch

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