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Google just fixed Chrome's pushy notifications on Android

(Image credit: S3studio/Getty Images)

Google is testing an new notification setting for Chrome on Android that gives users the option to make their browser alerts less pushy.

The added 'Quieter notification permission prompts' setting is available for Chrome Canary versions 80.0.3969.0 and later, according to Techdows. Up-to-date Android phone and tablet users can now further customize how Chrome alerts appear on their devices.

(Image credit: Techdows)

Within the new permission prompts settings, users can enable 'Force heads-up notifications,' 'Force mini-infobars' or 'Force quiet notifications.'

Any of these selections will direct notifications to be less invasive. You'll still be able to see the alerts, but they don’t get in the way of what you're doing on your screen.

The quieter notification settings can be entirely 'Enabled' or 'Disabled' by visiting chrome://flags in Chrome. Search for 'Quiet' to find the flag and personalize your browsing experience.

Earlier this month Firefox unveiled similar notification settings. The move might have pushed Google to finally offer more control over alerts to its users.