Go off-grid with the mobile, solar-powered Bluetti EP500

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Viral pandemics aside, 2020 was a year marked by climate disasters. In the United States alone, these amounted to damages somewhere in the area of $22 billion. It was, according to climate experts, a sobering wake-up call to the world — we need to do more to protect our planet. 

Because at the end of the day, we only have one. 

Now, granted, we all know that to bring about any real change, businesses and world governments have to be onboard. But that doesn't mean we can't all do our part, too. That's where Bluetti comes in. 

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Preorder your Bluetti EP500 backup power station for $2,799 on Kickstarter. Or subscribe to Bluetti's newsletter for more information.

If you have more than a passing interest in renewable energy, you've likely heard of Bluetti. Founded on over ten years of experience in sustainability and clean energy, Bluetti is all about providing affordable, innovative solutions to help customers take themselves off the grid. This time, the company has really outdone itself. 

The Bluetti EP500 backup power station is arguably one of their best products yet. 

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For one, it's incredibly user-friendly. Unlike with other solar batteries — the Tesla Powerwall comes to mind —  it requires no installation. Simply take it out of the box, plug it in, and download the Bluetti B-Lynk app on your smartphone.

B-Lynk App

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Charging the power station is just as easy as setting it up.  In direct sunlight, the EP500's 1200 Watt MPPT input can charge it to full in five hours. You also have the option of charging it through a built-in 600 watt AC adapter, or combining the two to cut the charge time to three hours. 

The EP500 also sports an aesthetically pleasing, minimalist design, meaning it'll fit perfectly in just about any home. As a bonus, this is one of Bluetti's most portable power systems yet. Not only does it fit everywhere, it's also ultra-mobile, making the EP500 a perfect power solution for your next road trip (whenever that is).

Bluetti EP500 Charging With Vehicle

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The EP500 packs a serious punch, thanks to its massive 5100 watt hour LiFePO4 battery pack. Its AC inverter is rated for 2000 watts of continuous power with a surge capacity of 4800 watts. This is all in addition to its ultra-long lifespan; the EP500 is usable up to 6,000 charge cycles, meaning it can provide off-grid power for an average home for up to 40 years.

For people who want a bit more power than 2000 watts, Bluetti is also releasing a Fusion Panel Terminal board. This will allow you to hook two EP500s to each other in a series, doubling their power and offering optional 220/240 volt output.  Basically, you'll be able to power any appliance, no matter how heavy its draw, with ease. 

Bluetti EP500 Solar Panels

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These days, we should all make an effort to be a little bit greener. A little bit more sustainable. Renewable energy is a great place to start, and the Bluetti EP500 is the perfect solution to start with.

You can preorder yours for $2,799 on Kickstarter beginning 6 AM PDT March 23, or subscribe to Bluetti's newsletter for more information.