At last! Garmin announces new HRM-Fit heart rate monitor for women — and it attaches to your sports bra

a photo of the Garmin HRM-Fit heart rate monitor
(Image credit: Garmin)

For years, I’ve always had the same issue when wearing a chest heart rate monitor — do I place it below my sports bra and risk chafing, or underneath, and have it slightly in the wrong position during runs and rides? "How have brands not caught onto this", I’d ponder, but today, Garmin has changed the game, and announced its new HRM-Fit heart rate monitor for women at CES 2024

Featuring a clip-on design, the heart rate monitor can be attached to the chest brand of most of the best sports bras. This means it will (hopefully) be more comfortable to wear on the move and more accurate at capturing heart rate and training data. 

What do we know about HRM-Fit? 

I’m yet to try the clip-on heart rate monitor so far but will be sure to post a full review on Tom’s Guide the second I get hands-on time with the monitor. The HRM-Fit strap itself looks like other Garmin heart rate monitors, but it doesn’t fully wrap around the chest, instead, it attaches to the front of your sports bra with two clips, allowing the sensors to sit against your chest for accurate measurements. 

Like with all of the best heart rate monitors on the market, when paired with one of the best Garmin watches, wearing a heart rate monitor captures more accurate measurements that can be seen from your wrist. Heart rate monitors are particularly useful when running on a treadmill indoors, or if you’re tracking a workout without your watch. 

a photo of the Garmin HRM Fit Heart rate monitor

(Image credit: Garmin)

The HRM-Fit heart rate monitor costs $149.99/£139.99 and is available now on Garmin’s website. The monitor itself has a battery life of a year, and connects with most newer Garmin sports watches. 

“Designed with comfort in mind, the HRM-Fit is a purpose-built training tool specifically created for our female customers. Whether you’re going for a run or taking a HIIT class, it easily attaches to the bottom band of a sports bra and provides accurate heart rate and training data to help you know your body better by tracking the ways you move”, Susan Lyman, Garmin Vice President of Global Consumer Marketing, said today.

Garmin also announced a new smartwatch — the Garmin Lily, and a complete redesign of its Garmin Connect platform at CES 2024. The update for Garmin’s app shows a more simplified screen, which you can customize to see at a glance the data that’s most relevant to you.  

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