Columbia's Luke Skywalker-inspired Star Wars ski jackets are available now — how to get yours

Columbia Star Wars Collection jacket
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The new Columbia Star Wars collection is finally here, meaning the wait is over to wear ski suits and jackets that look pulled right off the back of Luke Skywalker. After trying the collection out for myself a few weeks back, the 11-item line is available to purchase.

Fans are able to order the collection at starting at 12 a.m. ET on December 1, approximately one month after it was revealed in this epic teaser starring Mark Hamill. It’s fitting, considering this installment of Columbia’s ongoing Lucasfilm partnership is called “The Skywalker Pilot Collection.”

Yes, Luke Skywalker is the muse for the items in this collection. More specifically, the snow gear worn on ice planet Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back and orange rebel flight suits are the star of this product line.

Skywalker Pilot Ski Jacket: $350 @ Columbia

Skywalker Pilot Ski Jacket: $350 @ Columbia
Inspired by Luke Skywalker's flight jacket, this ski coat is insulated by Columbia's Omni-Heat Infinity lining and protected by the elements with an Omni-Tech waterpoof exterior. It's available in sizes XXS-XXL.

This is the first time Columbia is releasing Star Wars-branded jackets pitched for skiing. What’s more, the collection features a zip-front ski suit and a pair of ski goggles made to look like a Rebel pilot helmet. 

Skywalker Pilot Ski Suit: $500 @ Columbia

Skywalker Pilot Ski Suit: $500 @ Columbia
This limited-quantity ski suit looks like a rebel flight suit pulled right out of Star Wars. It's insulated by Columbia's Omni-Heat Infinity lining, features multi-functional pockets and is available in sizes XXS-XXL.

While there are more casual items in the collection — including a long-sleeve shirt with original The Empire Strikes Back concept art printed on the front — the snow gear is what truly stands out. That’s partially because it’s lined with Columbia’s proprietary Omni-Heat Infinity technology for insulation.

The insulating properties of Omni-Heat Infinity are actually so effective that the material is being trusted to protect a lunar lander on an upcoming mission. The Nova-C lander will head for the moon as early as January 12, 2024 as part of NASA’s Artemis Program lunar exploration effort. 

Fitting that Star Wars-themed gear has technology that’s actually going to space, isn’t it?  But if that’s not enough, this Columbia Star Wars collection is also filled with nods to the franchise. In addition to the bomber collars, sleeve pleatings and orange exteriors that look pulled straight from the Star Wars costume closet, the items each have hidden easter eggs.

For example, the ski jacket has a replica coms pad on the front and R2-D2 schematics hidden in the flap in the right breast pocket. Inside the jacket, there’s schematics for an X-Wing. Both sets of schematics have accurate Aurebesh (a.k.a. the alphabet from Star Wars).

Skywalker Pilot Crossbody Bag: $50 at Columbia

Skywalker Pilot Crossbody Bag: $50 at Columbia
This Star Wars-inspired crossbody bag features an adjustable strap, interior carabiner clip and a number of Star Wars easter eggs. It's a functional, everyday bag that fans are sure to love. 

I happen to love this utility crossbody bag that adds a little bit of Star Wars to every outfit. So, if bright orange ski gear isn’t your thing, this bag is a bit more subtle. The set of t-shirts in the collection are also more discreet, and more affordable than the products made for skiers. 

Skywalker Pilot Short Sleeve Shirts: $55 @ Columbia

Skywalker Pilot Short Sleeve Shirts: $55 @ Columbia
These heavyweight shirts come in two color options, each with either prints of a T-65 X-wing Starfighter or a T-47 Airspeeder/Snow Speeder. It's available in sizes XXS-6X. 

Columbia’s entire Star Wars Skywalker Collection is available now, but there are limited quanities of each item, so be quick if you’re hoping to channel your inner Luke. Otherwise there are many items on sale at, with up to 50% off winter coats, fleece pullovers, shows and more. 

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