Chrome just got a big upgrade on iPhones — here’s all the new features

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Anyone that uses the Google Chrome browser on iOS will want to take note, because Google just announced a bunch of new features coming in the next update. The most important upgrade is that you’ll be able to use Chrome as a password manager, and use stored passwords to log into other iPhone and iPad apps.

In a Google blog post, Google also confirmed that the update (version M104) will also offer better browsing security, faster translation and the ability to browse and discover new content more easily. The new ‘Chrome Actions’ will also make it easier to get certain things done more quickly.

But back to the password side of things. The news version of Chrome for iOS can now be set as your Autofill provider, which essentially turns Chrome into a password manager. Chrome can create and store secure passwords, which can be used to log into any app on your device. Much the same way that Chrome users on Android have been able to do for a while.

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This means you don’t need to remember passwords for all your stuff. But whether Chrome will be able to compete with the best password managers is still to be determined.

You’ll soon be able to type an action into the address bar, and Chrome will handle it for you, including ‘Clear Browsing Data’ ‘Open Incognito Tab’ and ‘Set Chrome as Default Browser.'

Faster translation is fairly self-explanatory, while the discovery updates are designed to make it “easier for you to discover new content or start a fresh search." Details are pretty scant right now, since this feature isn’t available on Android yet, but the goal is to get you back to browsing easier and faster than before.

Enhanced Safe Browsing, which first launched on desktop and Android devices back in 2020, is also a part of this update. As the name suggests the goal is to make your browsing experience more secure when you switch this mode on. That means Chrome can proactively warn you about dangerous webpages, protecting you from phishing, malware and other threats in the process.

This feature is also able to warn you if your passwords have been compromised in a data breach, and suggests you change them.

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As for Chrome Actions, these are designed to get certain things done quickly — without having to dive into various settings menus. According to Google, you’ll soon be able to type an action into the address bar, and Chrome will handle it for you. So far we know that ‘Clear Browsing Data’ ‘Open Incognito Tab’ and ‘Set Chrome as Default Browser’ are going to be available.

This will also coincide with some changes to the three-dot settings menu, which streamlines the menu and makes it easier to navigate.

All these features will be coming to Chrome on iPhone and iPad, and update M104 is rolling out now.

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