Beats Studio Pro headphones with huge spatial audio upgrades tipped by Apple

Limited Edition Beats Studio 3 wireless headphones partnership with Samuel Ross
(Image credit: Apple)

If the imminent launch of the Beats Studio Buds+ that's slated for May 18 wasn't enough, it looks as though Apple could also be gearing up for another spring launch with a big update to its popular Beats Studio over-ear headphones. 

A post put out by those eagle-eyed guys at 9to5Mac says that an additional Apple launch could be in the cards with new Beats Studio Pro headphones also looking likely to be introduced. 

Although there's no comment from Apple about either model, the information for the new Beats Studio Pro headphones came following images discovered in the internal files of iOS 16.5 that was released to developers in beta form earlier this week. Additionally, sources close to 9to5Mac have confirmed the existence of the Beats Studio Pro model. 

The new model is said to come with stronger noise-cancelling performance, along with upgrades that include transparency mode and personalized spatial audio support for the first time.

If the rumors do turn out to be true, it's also likely that the Studio Pro will feature a USB-C port for charging, and benefit from the same custom chip upgrade rumored to be fitted to the Beats Studio Buds+ to support performance enhancement and the suggested additional feature upgrades. 

Although the new model is yet to be spotted in the wild, the development project code name appears to suggest that the design is in partnership with U.K. fashion designer Samuel Ross. Ross has previously worked with the brand on the limited edition Beats Studio 3 (pictured). 

Images seen by 9to5Mac suggest the Beats Studio Pro will be available in black, white, dark blue, and brown color options. 

Beats Studio Pro: Outlook 

With the most recent Beats Studio 3 headphones update introduced in October 2017, it's fair to say that the model is due a refresh. They have been a solid choice for buyers for many years, but noise-cancelling performance has moved on and due a few upgrades to compete with modern rivals and as a cost-effective alternative to Apple's AirPods Max flagship over-ear headphones.

There's no information on the likely price of the Studio Pro headphones, or whether the Studio 3 ($349) will be replaced or continue alongside. Whether Apple plans to introduce these new Beats Studio Pro wireless headphones at the same time as the Studio Buds+ expected to arrive later this month, is hard to say. But it's looking increasingly likely that new Studio models will be arriving in stores very soon.

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