Amazon launches Kindle Scribe with 10.2-inch display and pen for $339

Amazon Kindle scribe
(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon has just announced its latest e-ink tablet – the Kindle Scribe. Instead of simply being a dedicated e-reader like the best Kindles, this device comes with a digital pen for taking notes, journaling and drawing. These tasks should be facilitated by the large 10.2-inch 300 ppi front-lit display. It will be available this holiday season for a starting price of $339 (AU$549).

The Kindle Scribe has a glare-free display that Amazon claims feels like reading or writing on paper. The new digital sticky notes feature on the device allows you to add handwritten notes to whatever books you're reading. These notes and highlights are automatically in one place to keep pages "clutter-free," says Amazon.

Amazon Kindle Scribe

The Kindle Scribe's large 10.2-inch display should make it easier to read book and take notes. (Image credit: Amazon)

You'll be able to journal or take notes using various templates, including to-do lists for tracking tasks and lined paper for meeting notes. Your notes are automatically saved and backed up to the cloud — which should give you some piece of mind. Amazon says that these notes will be accessible via the Kindle app in early 2023.

Another handy feature is called Send-to-Kindle. This will let you import documents from your computer or phone to the Kindle Scribe and write directly on PDF documents. In addition, you'll be able to import and create handwritten sticky notes in Microsoft Word documents, websites and other document formats with adjustable font sizes and layouts. You can send documents to Kindle Scribe from Microsoft Word in early 2023.

Amazon Kindle Scribe

The new sticky notes feature will let you add handwritten notes to the e-books you're reading. (Image credit: Amazon)

As we said up top, the Kindle Scribe will be available starting at $339 this holiday season. It will come in Tungsten with options for 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB of storage. The device is bundled with a battery-free Basic Pen or Premium Pen, which includes an eraser and a customizable shortcut button.

Amazon says new leather, premium leather, and fabric covers, which can be folded to support Kindle Scribe at different reading angles, will be available in a variety of colors. No word on when these covers will release, but it could be when the device launches.


The Kindle Scribe should be a solid device for those who want to do more with their Kindle than simply read books. This tablet bears some similarities to the reMarkable — though the latter isn't an e-reader like the Kindle. Based on what we've seen today, the Kindle Scribe could be an e-reader to keep on your radar.

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