How to show your COVID vaccination status on your phone

how to show your covid vaccination status on your phone
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It's increasingly important to know how to show your COVID vaccination status on your phone. 

For many of us, COVID-19 vaccination records are becoming a necessity more than an option. Gyms, restaurants, indoor event spaces, and various other establishments are increasingly requiring attendees to prove their vaccination status as a form of entry. In some locations, like New York City, it's the law of the land. 

But vaccination cards are flimsy, difficult to replace, and easy to lose. You already keep your credit cards, driver's license, and a litany of additional other important information on your phone. Consider adding your COVID-19 vaccination card to your device as well. That way, proof of your double jab (or single jab for the Johnson & Johnson crowd) is never far away. 

There's a bit more to it than simply taking a photo of your COVID-19 vaccination card, however. You'll want to choose the storage option that works best for you, such as a scannable QR code or scanned documents that you can utilize as your "vaccine passport" and ticket for entry into the places you want to go. 

Here's everything you need to know about creating a digital record of your vaccination on your phone. 

How to show your COVID vaccination status using the Clear app

One of the best ways to store and show proof of your COVID-19 vaccination is using the free app Clear, which is already used by many people to facilitate airport security entry. It's available for both iOS and Android users and utilizes photos of your ID, passport, and vaccination card to verify the information you provide. 

1. Clear works in a similar way to apps such as VeriFLY, in that you'll need to create a free account to use the app. Tap the "Get started" button on the home screen and follow the instructions to set up your Clear account and create your Health Pass. 

how to show your covid status on your phone - create clear account

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2. You'll need to have a photo ID or your passport to hand, then scan it with your phone to verify your identity. Following that, Clear will take a current photo of you for verification. You'll need to provide a valid email address and phone number to continue with registration.

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3. Next, choose "Add my Vaccination" to scan your vaccination card. Center it in the frame and snap your photo. After doing so, you'll need to fill in the details, including the dates of your doses and the clinic you received them at.

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4. Once finished, you'll be given a unique QR code that can be scanned to prove your vaccination status going forward.

This is essentially the same process you can rely on via other travel and health apps, and it’s an effective way to ensure you don't have to carry that little piece of paper around with you everywhere you go.

How to show your COVID vaccination status using an official state app

Some states are already offering residents their own official digital vaccine record. Most recently, New York has introduced its app Excelsior Pass. Likewise, California has My Vaccine Record, which serves the same purpose. 

If you live in Arizona, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Dakota, Washington, or West Virginia, you can use the online service MyIR Mobile to add your information. 

how to show covid status on your phone - myirmobile

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Be aware that the scannable QR code that the Excelsior Pass grants you is only acceptable in New York, so be sure you opt for a second method of vaccination proof if you decide to use your state's option instead. 

That way, you'll be covered if you decide to travel out of state lines.

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How to show your COVID vaccination status by scanning your vaccination card

You don't have to rely on state-specific vaccination apps or even programs like Clear to bring along your vaccination card. You can scan a copy straight into your phone, on either iPhone or Android, using built-in document scanners or free options like Evernote Scannable

If you're an iOS user, your scanning capability is baked right into your Notes app. Open Notes, then create a new note. Tap the camera icon beneath the title of your note. From here, choose "Scan Documents." Bring your card into focus and center it in the frame. Once your phone scans the card, it will save a copy for you.

how to show covid status on your phone - ios notes

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Android users can use the official Google Drive app, which comes preinstalled on most Android phones. Once in the app, tap the "add" or plus sign button, then find the camera icon. Tap that: it's labeled as the Scan option. 

Take a photo of your vaccination card by positioning it within the frame properly. Then save your photo by pressing the checkmark. You're done!

how to show covid status on your phone - google drive

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There are multiple ways to save this precious piece of paper, but only one way that fits your busy schedule and lifestyle. However you choose to preserve your vaccination record and digitize it for proof on your phone, it's crucial that you do so. It could become a mainstay across the entirety of the country to require proof of vaccination much faster than you might imagine.

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  • SJRouge91
    For those in the US who got vaccinated at Walmart, you can also access your records online; you gotta register for an account though, then you navigate to pharmacy, look for the option digital vaccine record, and from there you can either print your records as a backup paper copy, or you can save it as a pdf file on your phone, as it includes a QR code that can be scanned to show your vaccination information.

    I went with the latter, since almost all of these "health pass" apps have a ton of negative reviews after researching them, and having it as a pdf seems like the simplest and easiest option.