5 easy ways to keep your kitchen sink area organized

Kitchen sink
Kitchen sink (Image credit: Shutterstock)

If you want to give your kitchen a fresh makeover, don’t forget about the very area we use daily — the sink. 

Similar to decluttering your kitchen cabinets, our sink zone can easily become a cluttered mess. And with dish soap, plastic bottles, sponges and brushes lying around — causing soapy residue, these can all make the area look dirty and unattractive. 

Luckily, there are a few simple solutions to organizing your kitchen sink zone, making it look clear and presentable. These will also keep the area clean, whilst adding a stylish flair to your décor. 

Of course, make sure you’ve mastered how to clean a stainless steel sink before you spruce up your area. Plus, you might want to know these 9 things you should never store under the kitchen sink.

So, if you want to create a showroom kitchen, here are some quick and simple ways to keep your kitchen sink area organized.

1. Dish soap dispensers

Dish soap bottles by sink

Dish soap bottles by sink (Image credit: Shutterstock)

You may have your favorite dish soaps and cleaners, but half-emptied, plastic bottles can look unsightly around your sink. Instead, decanter your dish soaps into stylish, dispenser bottles. 

Choose from various types and sizes to suit your home, ranging from clear, and glass, automatic, to stainless steel dispensers like this AIKE 15ounce Stainless Steel Liquid Soap Dispenser for Dish and Hand Soap ($15, Amazon).

Not only will these make it easier to dispense liquids, but will be more aesthetically pleasing. 

2. Sink organizing caddy 

Dish brush in vase by sink

Dish brush in vase by sink (Image credit: Shutterstock)

If you want to keep your brushes, sponges and dish soap in one place, sink caddies are ideal. Not only do these holders keep everything tidy, but some will have a self-drainage system and a removable water tray. This should also eliminate messy gunk left around the sink area. 

These usually come in varying sizes, so make sure it fits right into your space by your sink/faucets. If you lack space however, you could buy ones with suction cups to stick inside your sink, or ones with a ledge hanger like this simplehuman Sink Caddy Sponge Holder, Brushed Stainless Steel ($24, Amazon). There are also kitchen sponge holders that are specifically designed to keep your sponges off surfaces. 

Another cheap and cheerful tip to store dish brushes is to simply use a stylish vase to give it character. 

3. Foldable dish rack 

Foldable dish drying rack

Foldable dish drying rack (Image credit: Amazon)

Another unsightly element that can clutter your kitchen sink zone is a huge drying rack. In addition, these can often take up valuable space, and ruin the overall aesthetics. 

A simple solution is to invest in a foldable dish drying rack that you place over the sink, roll up and stow away when not needed. Made with stainless steel rod, these foldable mats are available in different inches, so make sure you buy one suitable for your sink size. These can also easily support up to 70 lbs with all rods in use, and are anti-slip like this Tomorotec 17.7" x 15.5" Roll Up Dish Drying Rack ($13, Amazon). 

The best part is that this won’t be an eyesore in the kitchen, and easy to maintain and store afterwards.

4. Counter Trays 

Kitchen sink

Kitchen sink (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Counter trays or holders are ideal for placing dish soap bottles or sponges in a tidy manner. Typically, these are made from flexible silicone that are unbreakable, easy to clean and won’t scratch your surfaces. These are also good for catching drips from liquid soap, rather than dealing with a wet surface around the sink. 

What’s more, if you didn’t want to keep emptying out excess water, you could invest in this absorbing stone or diatomite tray like this NiuYichee 2 PCS Water Absorbent Diatomite Coasters ($9, Amazon). These are impressively fast-drying and absorb water quickly. 

These are also multi-functional, and can be used in the bathroom to place soaps or shower gels.

5. Silicone faucet mat 

Silicone mat faucet

Silicone drip mat (Image credit: Amazon)

Another clever solution to organize your sink area is installing a silicone faucet mat like this Silicone Faucet Handle Drip Catcher Tray Mat ($9, Amazon). Not only will this keep sponges and soap in one place, but will keep your countertop dry. 

Simply place over your faucets, and the silicone water catchers will catch the water that  will drain directly to your sink.  However, do measure the diameter of your faucets before buying, to allow adequate space.  

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