Upcoming Spider-Man 2 DLC accidentally revealed in PS5 game's latest patch

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This week's latest update for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 adds long-awaited features like a New Game Plus mode, mission replay, and more accessibility options. Some additions developer Insomniac Games did not intend, however, include access to the game's full debug menu, which can corrupt players' save files and trophy progress, as well as apparent details about yet-unannounced DLC plans. 

Shortly after Spider-Man 2 patch 1.002.000 went live on Thursday (March 7), PlayStation 5 owners quickly discovered they could access a debug menu, a tool typically used to test the game during development, with just a few button presses. This menu lets players skip between the game's chapters, turn on cheats, spawn in otherwise inaccessible rooms, and view performance details, like frame rate and dynamic resolution settings.

Hitting L3 and R3 on the save select screen brings the dev menu up, as does pressing the touchpad and options button at the same time during gameplay. However, Insomniac is cautioning players against using it as doing so could corrupt their game's save data — forcing them to start over from square one with a brand new save file. The developer also confirmed it's working on a fix. 

"We're aware the latest game update may have inadvertently allowed access to a development game menu," Insomniac posted on X (formerly Twitter) on Thursday. "There's a hotfix on the way. Please note that using this menu could corrupt your saves and trophy progress. There is no risk associated with playing the game as intended."

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

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More interesting still, players have uncovered details about what looks to be upcoming DLC featuring Spider-Man's longtime nemesis, the Beetle. Within the debug menu is a list titled "Beetle Villain Arc" that contains chapters presumably related to new missions. There are nine chapters listed, although nothing happens when you select any of them. 

These details line up with information previously leaked online in last year's massive data breach at Insomniac. Both leaks indicate that Spider-Man 2's Beetle could be the Janice Lincoln version, the daughter of Tombstone, who debuted in the comics in 2010. While the Beetle doesn't appear in the main campaign, a reformed Tombstone does play a significant role as the target of Kraven's Hunters. 

Neither Sony nor Insomniac has confirmed DLC plans for Spider-Man 2, so it remains unclear if the studio will move forward with a Beetle-themed expansion. The final quest for one side mission also teases possible DLC related to Carnage. We'll just have to wait and see. You can read Insomniac’s full patch notes at the studio’s website.

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