Sony’s Bravia Core is the no-compromise streaming service tailor-made for cinephiles

Sony Bravia Core
(Image credit: Sony)

One of the great joys of owning an impressive television like the Sony X90L is in finding visually stunning movies to watch on it. After all, what better way to put a new TV through its paces than with an exciting blockbuster presented in gorgeous 4K and Dolby Vision HDR?

But while many of today’s streaming services offer access to 4K HDR content, the quality of their streams is often stifled by low bit rates, leading to aggressive compression, artifacting and spoiled movie nights.

In an effort to deliver the ultimate movie watching experience at home, Sony has launched Bravia Core — a new streaming service that’s exclusive to selected Sony televisions. So what makes Bravia Core the best way to stream movies at home? Read on to find out!

Get the best picture quality with Pure Stream

Bravia Core with Pure Stream

(Image credit: Sony)

Although most streaming services today are only able to provide heavily compressed bit rates of around 15-25 Mbps, Bravia Core’s Pure Stream technology can deliver 4K Dolby Vision HDR content at up to 80 Mbps, which is a viewing experience comparable to 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray. 

That means you can experience the breathtaking visual fidelity of recent blockbusters like Uncharted and Spider-Man: No Way Home in pristine clarity — just as the filmmakers intended. 

A huge library of IMAX Enhanced films at your fingertips

IMAX Enhanced on Bravia Core

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In addition to providing access to a wide selection of films in 4K and Dolby Vision HDR, Bravia Core also offers the largest available collection of IMAX Enhanced movies of any streaming service. 

That means Bravia XR televisions with IMAX and DTS certification, such as the Sony X90L, will automatically optimise their picture settings for clarity and brightness when an IMAX Enhanced movie is being watched. 

And, just like at an IMAX theatre, the frame will open up to an Expanded Aspect Ratio for select sequences, showing you even more of the action in your favourite movies.

Cinema-quality sound in your living room

DTS and Dolby Atmos on Bravia Core

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Visuals are only half of what makes movies great — for a truly cinematic experience, you also need immersive sound, and Sony’s Bravia Core streaming service provides just that. 

With support for DTS:X and Dolby Atmos audio, Bravia Core is able to deliver room-filling, 3D sound that matches the quality of the visuals on-screen. 

Want to take Bravia Core’s audio to the next level? Pair your TV with Sony’s HT-A7000 soundbar for thrilling virtual surround sound that will rival your local movie theatre.

Instant access to Bravia Core’s library with TV purchase

Depending on which Sony TV you purchase, you will receive enough movie credits to redeem either 5 or 10 movies on the Bravia Core streaming service, which will be yours to keep for the life of the television — and that includes 4K and IMAX Enhanced titles. 

Once your credits have been exhausted, newer titles on Bravia Core will be available to buy or rent. On top of this, you’ll also get 12 or 24 months of unlimited streaming access to a large back catalogue of older titles at no extra cost. Talk about added value!

To find out more, head over to Sony’s dedicated Bravia Core page and discover the awesome advantages of this streaming service.