These 5 paint colors could improve your mood

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When it comes to home decor, paint colors do more than just dress up your walls — they set the stage for your daily mood. 

Gone are the days of selecting paint based solely on what matches your furniture or the latest trend in home magazines. Today's savvy decorators know color can play a key role in influencing emotions, from calming blues to energizing yellows. It’s like having a mood ring for your room — just with less ‘90s kitsch and a stained finger to match.

So how can the hues you choose for your living space subtly, yet significantly, alter the way you experience your living quarters? We’ve enlisted the help of several experts to find out. 

Whether you’re looking to create a haven of tranquility or decorate a home office space that sparks creativity, here’s our pick of the best paint colors that will help match the mood.

How to choose the best colors for your home

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Before we get into the best mood-boosting hues, let’s explore the preparation involved in picking the right colors and which rooms they will best fit.

Josie Medved, Design Manager at Symphony Group, tells Tom’s Guide how many people struggle when picking the right colour for different rooms in their home — so if you’re finding it hard to make a decision, you’re not the only one — it’s entirely normal. 

"It may seem like a really simple decision when it comes to selecting colors for a room in your home, but the reality is, it’s very hard as there is sometimes too much choice,” Medved explains. 

“Whether it’s paint colors for walls, cabinetry or adding pops of colour via decor, each element can make its own unique impact and influence not only the space, but the feeling within it, too.”

Medved uses the example of using a strong color like green, especially richer, warmer greens which are trending in 2024, and how this works for both classic and traditional schemes, as well as modern or more cutting-edge designs. 

“A great way to bring the outside in, green creates with it a sense of calm and well-being,” she adds. “The ideal room for green? The kitchen! Shades of green can work particularly well for spaces which involve cooking, socialising and entertaining guests.”

5 best colors for boosting your mood

The beauty of painting your walls is that it’s a space-efficient way of refreshing your décor, and not only this, but you have the ability to ensure every part of your home contains an uplifting colour or design to instantly boost your mood.

Kate Conrad, senior interior designer at U.K. luxury homeware brand Madison and Mayfair, explains how you just can’t underestimate the power of color.

“Of course, everyone’s taste is subjective, but there are colors that can more easily evoke certain feelings than others, ensuring your home is a safe place to truly relax and enjoy,” Conrad says.

Here are her top five colors to do just that. The shade that you go for is totally up to you.

1. Pink to make the walls wink 

Blush pink wall in bedroom

Blush pink wall in bedroom (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Warmer colors like pink are extremely effective for improving your mood, coating your walls in a contemporary, playful tone that can instantly transform your room. 

“Pink also has an empowering quality with a feminine kick to allow you to design a room that channels an energising, motivating hue,” explains Conrad. “With some other subtle pink touches, such as with cushions and throws, you can create a welcoming haven that does not risk feeling overpowering.”

2. Green should always be seen 

Green wall in living room

Green wall in living room (Image credit: Shutterstock)

As mentioned earlier, green has been a popular color for home décor within the last couple of years, and for good reason.

“Green is magical for offering a refreshing, natural feel in your home,” explains Conrad. “It’s been known to support your well-being, and paired with the addition of plants, you can create a luscious environment to help you detox and relax in your home.”

3. Red or dead 

Red walls in living room

Red walls in living room (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Sure, it’s a very bold choice but if you’re looking to make a statement, red can inject power into your home. If done tastefully, red-painted walls will provide a dominant feature sure to turn heads.

“Whether your living room would benefit from a more striking décor style, or your bedroom would thrive with a more romantic design, jazzing up a bland space is more easily achieved with a splash of red, an instant mood-reviving tool,” Conrad says.

4. Yellow, your next bedfellow 

Bathroom with yellow wall

Bathroom with yellow wall (Image credit: Shutterstock)

While some might feel yellow is a bit of a risky choice, we can’t ignore the colors ability to lift your spirits, just like a dose of serotonin channeled into a colour. 

“Whether you opt for a soft, lemon yellow or a bright, strong yellow, the way that your walls would craft a room that invites happiness and joy would be instantly noticeable,” explains Conrad. 

“The warmth that would ooze out of the walls would pair well with floral touches, unique lamps and bright artwork, adding character to your home.”

5. Purple (nothing rhymes with purple, but it’s great for creativity) 

Purple bedroom walls

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You wouldn’t expect purple to be a top mood-boosting colour, but you’d be surprised — especially if you’re looking for a more sophisticated tone.

“A hint of purple on your walls can dramatically enhance your mood, and can be particularly effective in a home office to inspire creativity,” claims Conrad.

“Lock yourself away and focus, enclosing yourself in a room designed to foster an environment of innovation and imagination. With the addition of some eye-catching ornaments, you can create a home office that never fails to impress.”

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