Netflix finally comes to Apple Vision Pro — but there’s a catch

Netflix on Apple Vision Pro
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Netflix made a big deal about how it wasn't developing an app for the Apple Vision Pro headset — not even making the iPad version available. But rather than being forced to use the web browser, and watch a lesser version of Netflix, one developer has decided to make its own Vision Pro-centric version of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Supercut is designed to bring both services to Apple’s headset, but without all the downsides of streaming Netflix inside the Safari browser or using amazon’s converted iPad app. It’s a native window, which eliminates the annoying letterboxing, and floats in front of you with all your favorite shows and movies.

Better still, it even offers 4K resolution alongside Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, alongside all the usual suspects like playback controls, subtitles, audio output settings and user profile switching. In the grand scheme of things, those latter few aren’t all that impressive, but in the absence of a native Netflix app for Vision Pro they’re actually quite important things to have.

As The Verge points out, Supercut doesn’t offer any additional immersive environments — just the system-level ones already available on the VisionOS software. Apparently these are in development for the next version, but for now it means you’ll be stuck watching Netflix and Prime in a floating video. Which, again, is certainly better than the current alternative.

You will need to pay $5 to download Supercut. But that’s a one time fee and could be worth the money if you’re finding the current way of watching Netflix or Prime Video on your Vision Pro headset too limiting. Of course you’ll need active subscriptions to both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video if you actually want to watch them.

We haven’t been able to try Supercut for ourselves just yet, but needless to say we hope that this prompts Netflix and Amazon to get their act together and figure out an official Vision Pro app for their services.

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