How to watch the Transformers movies in order online

(L to R) Optimus Primal and Optimus Prime in the nTransformers 7: Rise of the Beasts trailer
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From its origins as a toy line in the early 1980s, the Transformers franchise has become a global media phenomenon, encompassing toys, TV series, comic books and feature films. Multiple generations have grown up with the adventures of the robots that can change into vehicles, whether with the original animated series, the Marvel comic books, the live-action movies or the many later animated shows, for both cable and streaming.

The Transformers first hit the big screen with a 1986 animated movie, and they made the jump to live action courtesy of director Michael Bay starting in 2007. The live-action films have continued past Bay's involvement, with new installments currently in development. The Transformers movies return to animation first, though, with "Transformers One" set for a September theatrical release.

If you're looking to catch up on Transformers movie action before then, here's how you can stream all of the films in the franchise.

How to watch the Transformers movies in release order

Following the massive success of the original "The Transformers" animated series in the 1980s, the same production team created "The Transformers: The Movie," an animated theatrical release that takes place between the second and third seasons of the TV series. 

Notable for its celebrity voice cast (including cinema legend Orson Welles' final role) and its shocking deaths of beloved characters, "The Transformers: The Movie" was a relative failure in its initial release but has since built a major fan following.

Multiple anniversary editions of "The Transformers: The Movie" have been released on physical media, but its current streaming availability is limited to rental or purchase from Redbox.

  • "The Transformers: The Movie" (1986): Rent or buy on Redbox

After decades of popularity in animation, the Transformers got the live-action treatment with a series of blockbuster films directed by Michael Bay. The filmmaker behind action spectacles like "The Rock" and "Armageddon" brings his signature "Bayhem" style to the world of the Transformers, with giant CGI robots alongside human characters played by stars including Shia LaBeouf, Mark Wahlberg and Megan Fox.

Although they were poorly reviewed by critics, Bay's Transformers movies brought in huge numbers at the box office, and he returned to the franchise for five total films, even changing his mind after initially announcing his departure. Bay's films have set the tone for the franchise, for both subsequent movies and TV series.

All five Bay movies were released by Paramount Pictures, so they mostly stream on Paramount Plus, with rotating availability on other services, including Peacock.

Optimus Primal in Transformers 7: Rise of the Beasts

(Image credit: Paramount Pictures via YouTube)

Following Bay's exit, the Transformers live-action franchise has shifted to focus on prequels, beginning with the 1980s-set "Bumblebee," featuring the origin of one of the most popular Transformers, starring Hailee Steinfeld as his human companion. The 1990s-set "Transformers: Rise of the Beasts" introduces the fan-favorite characters from the "Beast Wars" toy line and animated series into live-action continuity.

The future of Transformers movies continues with the animated prequel "Transformers One," as well as development of further sequels and prequels, including a potential crossover with another Hasbro-owned toy-based franchise, G.I. Joe.

The Transformers live-action movies continue to be released by Paramount Pictures, so both prequels stream on Paramount Plus, along with select availability on other services.

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