5 best Netflix horror movies to watch right now

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Netflix is a hub of horror, no matter what sub-genre you’re looking for. Not only does the site have an impressive lineup of blockbuster horror staples, but there are quite a few Netflix originals in the mix. Of course, spooky season tends to have the most abundant horror selection, but the streaming service offers thrills and chills all year round.

Between truly terrifying movies like “It” and quirky film series like “Fear Street,” Netflix has the tried and true slasher and supernatural tropes along with satirical installments that lovingly poke fun at the genre. So, here are some of the best Netflix horror movies to stream at your next Netflix and chill(s) marathon — including the classics and some titles that you might not have seen.  


Some parents share eye colors with their kids and others share astral projection capabilities that pull you into a demonic dimension. The 2010 movie “Insidious” follows the Lambert family as they discover that their comatose son isn’t medically sick, but trapped in a dimension called the Further, while an evil spirit takes the opportunity to ride shotgun in his body. 

“The Conjuring” staple Patrick Wilson plays Josh Lambert (the dad), while Rose Byrne takes on the role of Renai Lambert (the mom). Meanwhile, Ty Simpkins plays the afflicted child Dalton, and Lyn Shaye takes on the role of the psychic who knows way too much about their family. The franchise has five installments but only the first and last movies are on Netflix. 

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'The Babadook'

In the past decade since its release, “The Babadook” has garnered a cult-like following. The terrifying shadowy monster has even become somewhat of an LGBTQ+ icon. When parents read “Where the Wild Things Are” to their kids, the monsters don’t usually appear in their closet. Unfortunately, the grieving single mom and her son don’t have the same luck in the film. 

“The Babadook” is just as much of a psychological horror film as a terrifying supernatural thrill: Think Beelejuice manifestation except a thousand times more sinister. However, if you’re freaked out after watching the movie, Babadook feels a lot less menacing when you take in the multitude of memes floating around. Essie Davis stars as Amelia Vanek, while Noah Wiseman plays her son in this Jennifer Kent-written and directed movie. 

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Clowns plague people’s nightmares for a reason — it’s unsettling when people (or malevolent beings) are hidden by a mask. Stephen King’s “It” follows the lives of a group of kids in a small town called Derry as they fight off a primordial being disguised as a clown named Pennywise. 

Obviously, the killer clown eats children for breakfast. He also only comes around every 27 years. “Part I” chronicles the kids’ fight as children and the sequel “Part II” follows them into adulthood when they realize their slingshots weren’t as effective as they thought. 

Bill Skarsgård stars as Pennywise, while the film’s slate of child actors have gone on to lead very impressive careers. The cast includes names like Jaeden Martell (Bill Denbrough), Finn Wolfhard (Richie Tozier), Sophia Lillis (Beverly Marsh), and Chosen Jacobs (Mike Hanlon). While “Part I” is streaming on Netflix, “Part II” is only available to rent or buy.

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'Fear Street'

What could possibly go wrong while living in a town called Shadyside? The Netflix trilogy “Fear Street” is based on the R.L. Stein series by the name, spanning three centuries of grisly murders. Each film centers on a different year and a rotating ensemble cast, alternating between 1994, 1978, and 1666 (no, the numbers in that particular year aren’t a coincidence). 

The series toggles between satirical slasher and intense supernatural motifs, offering horror fans the best of both worlds. And really, you just can’t go wrong with an epic mall slasher sequence. The trilogy stars actors like Sadie Sink (Ziggy Berman), Matthew Zuk (Mayor Will Goode), Gillian Jacobs (Adult Ziggy), Maya Hawke (Heather), and Kiana Madeira (Deena). All three Netflix original movies are available to stream on the site.

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'The Babysitter'

OK, so “The Babysitter” might not be top-tier horror, but satirical horror is just as vital to the genre as the more serious (and scary) ones. Sometimes, you just need a dumb horror comedy to provide some laughs and jump-scares, and “The Babysitter” is just that. The 2017 movie stars Samara Weaving as the self-titled babysitter and Judah Lewis as a kid named Cole. As one can expect, the babysitter is hiding a secret — but it’s not smuggling a cute boy into the house. Nah, she just belongs to a satanic cult that isn’t afraid to get slasher-y.

The movie also stars Robbie Amell (Max), Hana Mae Lee (Sonya), Bella Thorne (Allison), and Ken Marino (Dad). McG sat in the director’s chair while Brian Duffield wrote the script. And yes, there’s a sequel, which is also streaming on Netflix.

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