5 best romantic comedies on Netflix to watch on Valentine's Day

Dermot Mulroney and Julia Roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding
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Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Whether you are planning a romantic evening, aiming to spend time with friends, or wanting to curl up on the couch for the night, watching a movie is one of the best ways to enjoy the day. Romantic picks are probably top of the mind for you. And why not choose one with a dash of comedy in the mix?

Netflix has some of the best romantic comedies available online. There is something for just about every taste. We've identified the ones you don't want to miss. You'll find a rom-com that includes Julia Robert's iconic laugh, one that leans far more toward comedy than romance, another that shows that romance can happen for any age, and more. Here are the best romantic comedies on Netflix right now.

'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'

For those who are fans of the rom-com genre, you know that these types of films tend to lean more towards rom than com. However, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" is one that will actually make you laugh out loud as it tells a love story. Jason Segal wrote and starred in this film, playing the role of Peter Bretter, whose girlfriend, Kristen Bell's Sarah Marshall, has broken up with him. Aiming to soothe his soul, he goes on a vacation, where he runs into none other than Sarah herself and her new rock star boyfriend.

Along the way, Peter finds new hope in a relationship with hotel clerk, Mila Kunis' Rachel Jansen. Keep an eye out for Paul Rudd, who plays a surfing instructor and looks nothing like his usual self. You'll also appreciate the funny contributions from Bill Hader and Jonah Hill throughout the flick.

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'Set It Up'

What's the best way to get your demanding boss off your back? Help them fall in love. That's the premise of the 2018 romantic comedy "Set It Up." Zoey Deutch's Harper Moore assists sports editor, Lucy Liu's Kirsten Stevens. Meanwhile, Glen Powell's Charlie Young works for venture capitalist, Taye Diggs' Rick Otis. Harper and Rick run into each other while picking up late-night meals for their bosses. At their next meeting, they discuss the possibility of bringing their bosses together to distract them from work. What could go wrong? (Everything, of course.)

With a wonderful blend of romance and comedy, you're sure to enjoy the hijinks and sweet romance of "Set It Up.

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'My Best Friend's Wedding'

This is a rom-com for the ages. Starring Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney, and Cameron Diaz, "My Best Friend's Wedding" centers on Julianne Potter (Roberts), who finds out her best friend, Michael O'Neal (Mulroney), is getting married. The only problem is they were supposed to get married. At least, that's what they promised so many years ago. 

Now, Julianne's mission is to prevent the wedding from happening. She meets his fiancee Kimberly Wallace (Diaz), who is relentlessly kind and friendly to her, making it that much more of a challenge. Whether you root for or despise Roberts' character for her goal, you are bound to enjoy this well-known romantic comedy. Rupert Everett has an unforgettable turn as George Downes, Julianne's new (gay) friend and confidante.

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'Queen Bees'

Romance comes in all shapes, sizes, and ages, as we all know. However, not enough movies depict the possibility of romance past a certain decade in life. "Queen Bees" is a romantic comedy that features a blooming romance between Ellen Burstyn's Helen Wilson and James Caan's Dan Simpson. However, their relationship isn't the crux of the plot, as the film is also about friends. She runs into a group of elderly "mean girls" that reminds her of high school and all the cliques that went with it. However, over time, she discovers she is finding what she has missed: friendship and love. 

This film has plenty of laughs to enjoy along the way. It's wonderful to watch a film that shows the possibilities of joy and love that we all hope to find if we are blessed enough to reach our senior years. 

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'The Choice'

Nothing says romance like a Nicholas Sparks-inspired movie. Adapted from his 2007 book of the same name, "The Choice" is about Benjamin Walker's Travis Shaw who meets and falls in love with his new neighbor, Teresa Palmer's Gabby Holland. Of course, things are a tad more complicated than that since Gabby has a boyfriend named Ryan (Tom Welling). Add to that, upon his return from a trip, he proposes marriage. Who will Gabby choose?

Fans of Sparks' novels and movies are sure to love another installment from the author. The setting and the music are enriching additions to the romantic storyline.

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