Wow! Dell just slashed $1,500 off this powerful RTX 3080 gaming PC

Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R14
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Are you on the hunt for a powerful gaming desktop? We’ve got you covered. At time of writing, Dell is offering a colossal discount on a beefy rig from Alienware.

The Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R14 with Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 GPU is currently on sale for $1,899 at Dell. Now, the thick end of two grand is hardly small potatoes, but it’s still significantly cheaper than the eye-watering $3,399 this gaming PC is normally sold for.  

Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R14 Gaming PC: Was $3,399 now $1,899 @ Dell

Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R14 Gaming PC: Was $3,399 now $1,899 @ Dell
The powerful Alienware Aurora R14 gaming desktop has dropped in price to $1,899. That's still a huge chunk of change, but for that you get a powerful rig that is perfect for playing the best PC games in 4K. The Ryzen Edition of the R14 packs in an impressive AMD Ryzen 5950X processor, a RTX 3080 GPU and 32GB of DDR4 RAM. It's a seriously impressive system. 

What do you get for that (still significant) outlay? Under the hood, the Ryzen Edition R14 is rocking an AMD Ryzen 9 5950X CPU with 16 cores and 32 threads, an RTX 3080 graphics card, a 1TB NVMe SSD so you can install plenty of the best Steam games, and 32GB of DDR4 RAM. The R14 also comes installed with a copy of Windows 11 Home.

While that RTX 3080 can't quite compete with the likes of the all-powerful RTX 4090, Nvidia’s Ampere cards still have a lot to offer. The 3080 proves hugely capable of running most modern games at 4K resolution (3,840 x 2160) at 60 fps or above. It also supports ray tracing, which can really lift the quality of lighting and reflections in games like Cyberpunk 2077

It’s a good time to be buying a powerful gaming PC, what with a certain Valve sales event going on at the moment. We think the Ryzen Edition R14 would be perfect to play the 5 best Steam Summer Sale 2023 games on. 

If you don’t have the space to fit a large gaming rig in your home office, perhaps we can entice you with some tempting early Prime Day deals on some of the best laptops. Right now, the Asus ZenBook 13 OLED is down to $797 on Amazon. While UK Apple fans will be pleased to know that the brilliant MacBook Air 15 is currently reduced to £1,279 on Amazon.  

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