My favorite Nanoleaf smart lights just hit lowest price ever for Cyber Monday deals — this rare sale won't last long

Nanoleaf Shapes
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Cyber Monday deals have already started, bringing discounts to some premium tech products that rarely go on sale. Take Nanoleaf smart lights, for example — these premium Wi-Fi wall panels don't go on sale often, but they just hit a record-low price for Cyber Monday.

Right now the Nanoleaf Lines are on sale for $149 at Amazon, down from $199. This is my personal favorite product from the Nanoleaf collection, but if you want the brand's more traditional lights, the hexagon-style Nanoleaf Shapes are on sale for $149 at Amazon, too. This is one of the only times of the year you can get the gamer-beloved light panels at a significant discount. 

Nanoleaf Lines: was $199 now $149 @ Amazon

Nanoleaf Lines: was $199 now $149 @ Amazon
These modular smart lights let you design murals of light on any wall. Backlit illumination lends a sleek look, no matter how you choose to arrange the lines. Personally, I set mine up to look like dueling lightsabers. 

Nanoleaf Shapes: was $199 now $149 @ Amazon

Nanoleaf Shapes: was $199 now $149 @ Amazon
Get these hexagon-shaped smart light panels for $50 during Cyber Monday deals at Amazon. Connect the panels together in a unique layout to create immersive light shows.

Nanoleaf makes some of the best smart lights around, but Nanoleaf Lines might be my favorite version of the company’s decorative panels yet. These RGB bars boast backlit illumination, countless modular configurations, entertaining visualizer technology and more. 

As if Nanoleaf wasn’t already ultra-popular with TikTok’s gamers and content creators, Lines cater to the those that might’ve grown bored with traditional sticky strip lights. I found they're more sophisticated than a lot of other smart lights out there, easily suiting my bedroom decor.

But if you're looking for more immersion, the Nanoleaf Shapes are also a great choice. They're especially good for gaming setups, since the Screen Mirror feature lets the tiles reflect your computer's display activity with synced lighting. 

Every step of the Nanoleaf experience is customizable, starting with the initial layout and ending wherever your light-loving imagination takes you. That's why, despite their high price tag, they're well worth the splurge. 

Still, if you were hesitant about the price before, now is your chance. Both of these Nanoleaf kits are $50 for a limited time. Again, Nanoleaf rarely puts its products on sale, so you can shop on Cyber Monday knowing you're found the best price possible.

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