Forget Pixel 8 Pro, the Pixel 7 Pro is now just $649 for Black Friday

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Google’s Pixel 8 Pro might be the fanciest new kid on the block, but it is still rather expensive — even after a Black Friday discount. The Pixel 7 Pro, on the other hand, felt a lot more reasonably priced. Now that it’s been knocked down to its lowest ever price for Black Friday, that price tag feels more reasonable than ever. 

The Google Pixel 7 Pro has dropped to $649 over at Amazon. Not only is this $250 off the retail price, it’s also significantly cheaper than the Pixel 8 Pro — which has dropped to $799 for Black Friday.

Google Pixel 7 Pro: was $899 now $649 @ Amazon

Google Pixel 7 Pro: was $899 now $649 @ Amazon
Grab last year's flagship Pixel for a pretty impressive discount in Amazon's Black Friday sale. $250 off the normal price, and the lowest ever price for the Pixel 7 Pro. The only way you'll get one cheaper than this right now is to buy something pre-owned.

The Google Pixel 7 Pro may not be the latest and best Pixel phone, but it does have a lot of key attributes that make it worth buying. Design is the big one, with a two-tone color design and a metallic camera module housing all three main lenses. 

The camera itself is capable of offering some incredible photos and video, aided by the Tensor G2’s computational photography and AI image editing capabilities. The battery life is pretty underwhelming, especially compared to the Pixel 8 Pro, which is a shame. 

Being a Pixel, the Pixel 7 Pro comes with a bunch of exclusive software, most notable of which is the AI-powered image unblur. While it can’t save the excessive motion blur, minor problems like an unstable camera can be restored to their rightful glory — to the point where it almost feels like magic. You also get free access to the Google One VPN, Call Screen to filter out nuisance callers and Clear Calling to filter out background noise.

Plus, like all Pixels, it’s first in line for all the latest Android features and security updates. It may not have the same 7 years of support as the Pixel 8, you’re guaranteed Android updates for another two years and security updates until October 2026.

Of course if you really do want the latest and best Pixel, and are willing to pay for that privilege, don't forget that the Pixel 8 Pro is also $799 off at Amazon for Black Friday.

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